TAS 056 How Greg Mercer Built His 6 Figure Per Month Amazon Business

Greg_Mercer_InterviewIn this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast you'll hear how Greg Mercer built his 6 figure per month Amazon business. He shares what he is currently doing to further scale his private label business.

Greg is also the creator the popular product research tool…Jungle Scout. He shares why he decided to create this tool, but also how it saves him hours during the research phase.

In this interview Greg also shares what his criteria is for choosing a product and how to come up with ideas to research.

We actually share a similar approach to choosing a winning product, which I've publicly shared in past episodes. If you want to hear that episode…click here.

Here's a snap shot of the basic criteria:

  • 1. Priced between $19 – $45
  • 2. Lightweight & Small (Fits in Shoebox)
  • 3. Sells 10 per day or more
  • 4. Sourced at 1/3 of selling price
  • 5. Ships by Air
  • 6. Under 500 reviews

Greg explains in more detail what he looks for, but these are the basics.

Enjoy the interview!

Links Discussed:

The BSR Cheat Sheet (Selling 10 Per Day)

Jungle Scout Research TOOL (10% OFF)

NEW Jungle Scout Web App – Discovery Tool

*If you purchase through my link I will earn a small commission * I work for coffee 🙂

Watch the video that Greg created walking you through the steps he uses to find products.

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  • Sir,
    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: how much matter for research the products ? And what should be kindly little explain.

  • Is your 6 figure a month Amazon business title saying that you net 6 figures a month or you just sell 6 figures in product? If it’s not a net number, what are your actual profits like?

  • Hi Scout,

    Amazing Show!

    I just started using jungle scout and found a few products that have under 100 reviews in the top 10! I was excited until I noticed in the 15-20 range there was one with over 500. Again, on the second page of search results there were 3 sellers with 100-300 reviews. How would you assess this?

    Additionally, what specific columns do you sort (if you sort) the analytics by?

  • Very informative Podcast. Thank you, Scott, for sharing information and helping others. Got a lot of good information from the podcast, and will apply them.


  • Hey Scott,
    Thank you once again for all the great info! I had a question regarding the shipment process to Amazon and how you and Greg do it. Lets say my product is finished and ready to ship to the fulfillment centers by air. Should I have it sent to myself first so I can label and then ship it, sent to a third party logistics company like FBA Express to do quality control and labeling, or have the supplier do this all for me? Also, should I pay extra to have it all shipped to one warehouse or just send them to different Amazon centers like they usually want? I’m sort of stuck on how to do this and which one is the easiest and cheapest way. Thank you in advance for your answer!

    • Hey Shayan, as far as the one vs many warehouses question, you’ll have to run the numbers and see which way costs you less. Generally speaking I have the supplier label and prep everything for me. You could do that and in place of the inspection that I do you could have one done before it’s shipped by a company, like TopWin.

  • What it means the ranking? Or how do you analyze this item? And about reviews, did you say look the top 5 reviews under a 100 per each one or in the sum of the 5 products?
    Thank you very much

  • Very helpful episode. One question:
    Greg says a product shouldn’t have many pages of listings. In my experience, any keyword or set of keywords either produces no results or at least a dozen. Seems impossible to find products with only a page or two of results (For instance, Greg’s example of ‘kid’s garden tools’ shows 20 pages of results). I don’t understand how to implement this tip.

    • Hey Brenden I think what he means is pages of the same exact product with different brands on it. To me it doesn’t really matter how many pages come up when I search for something, what really matters is where the demand stops.

      • Thanks for the response Scott. I was wondering if that was what he meant. Appreciate the clarification. I can’t believe you actually respond to all the questions (and quite rapidly). Loving the podcast. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  • Is Greg talking about how he launches a Private Label? Or is this also how he launches a non private labeled product? He says he has a girl that does his graphic design and product photos. Does he just get his items labeled with a logo right from the start then?

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