TAS 055 Ask Scott Session #11 – FBA Amazon Questions

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast Scott answers listener questions. The topics discussed are Product Selection, Conversion Rates, Best Seller Badges, Categories, Packaging and Keyword Ranking.

Here’s the questions:

  • 1. How To Find a Unique Product?
  • 2. What if BIG Brands Are Selling The Product I Want To Sell?
  • 3. What Is a Good Conversion Rate to Shoot For?
  • 4. Should I Find Second Category and Try To Grab Best Seller Badge?
  • 5. When Should I Focus On Custom Packaging?
  • 6. Should We Have Our Reviewers That Use Promo Code Search Using Keywords?

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Links Discussed:

Odesk (Now UpWork)

Ty Roney – Amazon Seller Interview

Keith Snow (Interview)

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  • Hi Scott!
    Really enjoyed this episode.

    Are there some browse node categories that do not provide Best Seller Badges? I say this because I am looking to put my product into a node that there is very little competition. It’s still relevant to my product but it does not show up in the Best Seller tree of categories and none of the products listed under this node have it as their selected category. Before requesting this as a second category, do you know how I can find out whether a Best Seller badge is available for this node?

    Many thanks

    • Hey Jack, there are a few subcategories that don’t have the banner, I haven’t seen much rhyme or reason to when they do and don’t have it, but i’m sure they have one!

  • Hello Scott! Great episode!
    I have a question about listing my product in sub categories for grabbing the best seller badge.
    I am going to sell a set of items which each item is best fitted to a different sub category, but all of them under the main category. Do you think it will be wise to list my set under as many sub categories as possible? or is there an advised limit? what are the pros and cons of listing under many different sub categories actually?
    Appreciate your advice.

    • Hey Ben, you always want to sell under related subcategories, if you’re category allows more than one (you usually have to reach out to seller support) try to find other closely related categories. Don’t just pick one because you know you might get the best seller badge in “pretty pink shoe ribbions” when you’re selling a garlic press.

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