TAS 054 Income Report – May 2015 – $35,716.42 Amazon FBA Sales

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast I share my income numbers from May 2015. You'll notice that they are a little higher than last month and I'll share why.

Here's the numbers:

  • Total Revenue: $35,716.42
  • Total Product Costs = $10,255
  • Total Amazon Fees = $10,550
  • Amazon PPC Costs $1,300
  • Grand Total Cost = $22,450

$13,266 Profit Month

That's….$3,316.50 per week

That's…$427.94 per day

Additional Expenses:

Tax Jar $29.95
Feedback Genius $60
AMZ Shark $50
Website Hosting = $9.95
Aweber + Leadpages $75
Total = $250

In the end, I ended the month with about $13k in profit. That's $156k per year if I stayed at this pace. Remember, this is profit and if you have a JOB you would have to make about $200k to bring home this kind of money.

This is why I love this business 🙂

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  • Isn’t the reason someone would need to earn $200K in a job to earn your level of profit due to taxes, etc? If so, won’t you have to pay taxes on your profit, too, thus reducing your take home pay?

      • I don’t see you deduct income tax from your profit calculation. Why do you say it is after tax is paid? Don’t you need to pay sales tax before next April?

        • Hi Max, everyone is different and I have been at the 28% to 30% for a while. But, that’s LIFE 🙂

    • Hi John,

      You may misunderstood. I was referring to net profit after all expenses. That would be your take home pay. I guess I could have said this differently.

      • Hi Scott,
        You will still owe taxes on your net profit. So your comparison to someone’s 200K gross wages to equal your 135k pre-tax net is not valid. That’s Ok though ,I’d take 135K net in an Amazon biz of 200K gross wages any year.

        • Hey John,

          Yes, I realized that it may have seemed like I was referring to take home pay. But, you know what I meant 🙂

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