TAS 051 The REAL Stories Of First Product Flops And Lessons Learned

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast we're going to hear about how some first products flopped and all the lessons learned.

This idea came from one of our TAS Facebook group members Shane Hackney and he wrote:

“You often hear of successes people have had. How many of you started off with a dud of a PL product but picked yourself up and started again determined to find success? Share your stories, I find failure stories to be as inspirational as success stories.”

So, I recorded this episode sharing these stories and giving some of my own thoughts for if this should ever happen.

The one thing we all need to understand is that we can do all the research in the world, but this is always a risk. But, it's up to us and decide how we react and move forward.

Here's the link to the entire discussion.

Feel free to join in on the conversation.


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  • Thank you for your advice – Now of course I have to find another product which seems much harder now! but perserverel!!!

  • I have started with a beauty product which is very good but is not known well. It is a product made locally. It is very slow in taking off. Should i do the video and promote it or should I let it die a natural death and take a new product that is well known.

    • Hi Penny,

      It’s hard to say, but it may be time to move on.

      There’s so many other products you could sell I’m sure.

      Good Luck!

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