TAS 047 Raising Money And Product Creation – (Yes or No?)

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast you'll hear all about crowdfunding, product creation and private labeling your first product. This interview is with Matt Ward of “Art Of The Kickstart” who's an expert in crowdfunding and has interviewed over 100 product creators looking to fund their ideas.

In The Interview We discuss

1. What Is Crowdfunding?
2. Should We Fund Private Label Business Using Crowdfunding?
3. How Matt is Developing His Own Product?
4. What's Easier…Developing New Product or Private Label?
5. Tips For Private Labeling Your Own Product?

If you're interested in learning more about crowdfunding, Matt created a guide that you can download for FREE.

Crowdfunding FREE Guide
Check Out Matt's Product He's Creating


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  • Just to follow up on a conversation you and Matt had on this podcast, even if you do just have unique codes, there is a group from Korea that has found a way to somehow hack that to find the master code (it is never shown to a customer, just to you on your promotion page). They are ordering thousands of dollars of things, even from experienced sellers who used one time use codes. There was a big post about it on the Private Label group.

    It is a risk and is why I try to do quick promos that expire quickly, and not make it super sweet that a group from Korea will try to hack it.

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