TAS 046 Ask Scott Session #8 – FBA Amazon Questions

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast I will answer listener questions about Amazon FBA Selling. This is session #8 of Ask Scott and it covers Product Research, Subcategory BSR, Sales Tax Tips, Organization Research and Adding More Products.

The questions asked were:

  • Should I Sell Products If Amazon Already Sells Similar Products?
  • What BSR Should I Look At? Main or Sub Category?
  • Can You Give Any Tips On Sales Tax?
  • What's Some Tips For Organizing Product Research?
  • When Should You Add My 2nd Product?

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Private Label Workshop

TAS Private Facebook Group

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  • Hi Scott, I keep hearing you mention te 10 sales per day buy would this theory cross over to the UK amazon given that the population is a lot less. Great to hear your thoughts on this.
    Thanks as always and love what you do!

  • Hi Scott. Do you recommend only launching 1 product at time? I’ve found 3 with low MOQ and unit costs. Could I learn more from doing 3 products at once than doing 1 product at a time?

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