TAS 045 7 Tips For Choosing Your First Product To Sell On Amazon (Checklist)

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast we'll be discussing what the important criteria is to consider when choosing a product. I share 7 tips to consider, so you can have the best chance of launching a successful product.

The 7 Tips Are:

1. Is It Small – Lightweight
2. Does It Have Few Moving Parts
3. Does It Take Batteries – Electronics
4. Is It  Seasonal – Google Trends
5. Are The Margins – $7 to $10 Profit – FBA Fees $4.25
6. Can Be Bundled – 3 Pack
7. Good Demand

Bonus Tips:
Avoid Dangerous Product
Use Simple Product Packaging

You will learn how #7 was a mistake I made and how you can avoid it.

Enjoy the episode!


Links Discussed:

Google Trends

Steps To Choose Product For Amazon

Private Label Classroom

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  • Scott – when trying to calculate a profit margin on a potential product you allude to FBA fees – can you specify what these might be and if there is somewhere we can look up/caluclate specific FBA costs if we were to enter specific product details? (weight, size etc.)

  • Great stuff Scott! I have FINALLY come across a product that fits all of the criteria EXCEPT for one thing….BSR ranking.

    The product I have found has 4-5 people selling the exact same thing. The lowest BSR is #9174 and the highest number of reviews is 100. However, they all have poor pictures, awful keyword choices, poor descriptions, etc. The product is very similar to a few other products that rank in the top #500 of in the same category however this product has few things that make it unique. They are also missing a very important keyword that I believe is helping the other products do so well.

    I have experience in the field this product is in and feel it can sell well if branded and marketed correctly.

    I am currently in the process of monitoring sales over a week period to see where the competitors are at. With these high BSR numbers, would you steer clear of a situation like this or would you go with your gut, rebrand it and get it out while drastically improve the product info., description, pictures and keywords? Thanks in advance!

    • Hey Justin, glad to hear you think you found a good one!

      I would take a look at the sales and see if you think you can make it work, especially if you think there is an opportunity that others aren’t taking full advantage of. Just make sure you take the number of sales and see how long it will take you to make your money back, as long as you’re comfortable with the conservative number (not including the new spaces you’re thinking about), I’d consider taking a look at it, if I were you.

  • Hi Scott, firstly – thanks so much for your podcasts! The content is really, REALLY great. I found your website yesterday, and I’ve already spent hours listening to your podcasts. I have a question regarding researching demand. You mentioned that ideally you want your top 8 competitors to have at least 10 sales per day before you start seriously considering a product in that same category. I’m using Jungle Scout (another gem found through one of your podcasts!) and looking at the data for one key-phrase, only a few sell more than 10 per day – to be exact, 4 out of the top 10 sell more than 10 per day. Should I take all of my top keywords / key-phrases into account when determining demand or is the data from just the one, highest traffic keyword enough? Any advice will be appreciated, thank you in advance!

    • Hey Carla,

      the more keywords you can find and rank for the better of you’re going to be. Putting emphasis on one keyword is ok, but if there is only one keyword that works for your product, you may want to reconsider.

  • Hi Scott, thanks for this.

    How do you check that the products are selling 10 units a day? Is FBA Toolkit accurate?

    Thank you

  • Hey Scott, thanks for the great podcast. Wanted some clarification though about the demand point. Is it better to go for a product that is selling well but already has a number of competitors to try to become one of them, or to go into something with less demand and far less competiton? I was about to go with something with only 2 other competitors but the demand is definitely less than another product with a page full of them.. Cheers

  • Great show Scott! The packaging issue use to hold me back until I bought something from Amazon and it came in a plain box with a simple printed instructions insert… and I really didn’t care because it was exactly what I ordered and packaging just gets tossed anyways.

    Thanks again for all the great advice!

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