TAS 044 5 Tips For Creating The Right Mindset To Become A Successful Amazon Seller

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast we'll discuss The 5 Tips for creating the right mindset to become a successful Amazon FBA seller.

Here's the 5 points discussed in detail during the podcast.

  • 1. Realizing It's not an overnight get rich quick model – It takes hard work and money
  • 2. Understanding How Amazon Algorithm  Works – No Silver Bullet
  • 3. Following and mapping out a  Plan – 90 day sprints
  • 4. Focus on Result Driven Activities  – Sales – Feedback-Reviews – Customer service
  • 5. Taking Action – Do something that will move you one step closer

There's a few other things that you should be kept in mind…

  • It doesn't have to be a Home Run  – The 10x10x1 strategy
  • Treat like a business – Do something everyday
  • Create lists of what you want to do for the week and Do IT
  • Surround yourself with positive people that are going through similar experiences

Links Discussed:

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  • Hey Scott! I’ve been listening to a ton of your podcasts over the past two weeks. My first product is on the way, so I should be live within the first week of December. I’m STOKED. That’s cool you’re in NY, I’m from Binghomton and currently studying Accounting at SUNY Oswego! Small world! Just wanted to say that your podcast has been incredibly inspirational and helpful to me! Originally, I was planning on just doing a huge giveaway to spike the algorithm and generate reviews, but after listening to your podcast, I decided to give away a much smaller amount and focus more on PPC and ranking for keywords!

    Thanks for the help and keep up the awesome content!

  • Hey scott it’s been 4 days now am listening your podcasts from 1 now on 44th guess what today i registered my company in UK. Your podcasts motivated me a lot keep doing that good work

      • Thanks scott that’s felt very good that you replied on my Comment. My question is if i am selling from UK i need UPC or EAN. And i am seller from UK selling on Amazon do i have to pay tax in US? If yes than i should also pay tax in UK for selling in US bcoz my company registered in UK answer if that’s not bother you 🙂

        • Hey Zeeshan if you’re selling in the US, you would generally use a UPC. As far as tax goes, you would have to talk to your accountant about those questions, but generally speaking you would be required to collect some sort of tax. What rate and how much you’d have to discuss with your accountant.

  • Thanks Scott! Just listened to this podcast, even though I listen religiously!!! Truly was meant to hear your thoughts on all this today! Was feeling a little down and this podcast was very encouraging and lifted me back up!!!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  • Hi Scott,

    I want to first thank you for all your hard work and passion in what you do. It really comes through in your podcasts and is very much appreciated.

    You talked about running promotions in a couple of your podcasts and it seems to be a little different than what you mentioned in your “product launch” podcast.

    I know originally you spoke of thomason, but you said you were backing away from that a little. So, currently to get the ball rolling with your promotions what do you do? Are you just pricing at 1.95 and running ppc on Amazon at that price? or are you “blasting to someone’ s list as mentioned, and if so what service are you using?

    • Yes, it has changed a little. I find groups to give away units at $1.95. But, I also use Tomoson to give the units away for honest reviews. The bottom line is to find a list of reviewers that can buy and review your product.

  • Brilliant!
    Thanks, this is very motivating, and from my experience, motivation is in the first place among the most important things. because it makes you want to move forward, and take action,
    I’m glad I found your podcasts, and I listen to all of them since I came here (about 2-3 weeks ago). 🙂

  • Scott,
    Your the best! I appreciate your TAS044 comments. I was wondering what you did during those first 90 days as your first product started. Any details would be appreciated like, promo amounts and duration, PPC details etc. You mentioned a 90 plan, do you have a podcast detailing your plan with numbers and specifics. If I am getting to personal I apologize. I am impatient also. I have several imports that I am trying to launch. Doing ppc, one penny give always but not much action. I did get the “New Hot Item” badge but only got 1 organic sale. Hearing you say it takes time helped my frustration.
    Thank you much

  • Loved this pod cast..I’m a huge fan of mind set..I post in 4 FB groups every day inspiration and motivation quotes..
    I love your pod casts and really it has moved my business forward ..A big thanks..
    One of my favorite quotes is:
    If you think you can..your right
    If you don’t think you can…your right

  • Hey scott amazing podcast.

    do you have any sujestings on how to treat this as a business doing this part time?

    thank you

    • I would do everything the same, but just spend less time. It can be as big or small as you want.

      It still takes work.

  • Scott, so glad for this message as sometimes with me anyway, despite all good intentions I can’t see the wood for the trees. I played this cast on a loop whilst doing some research and contacting suppliers. It was just what I needed as I felt overwhelmed with all I need to do. Your message really helped and your 10 by 10 by 1 formula is pure genius. Thanks Scott

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