TAS 038 The 3 Important Steps For Choosing a Winning Product To Sell On Amazon FBA

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast you'll learn what 3 steps you must follow and look for in choosing a winning product to sell on Amazon. You want to look at sales, demand and tracking history. This will give you a much greater chance of success.

I wanted to share these 3 steps, because I overlooked step #2 (Demand) and now I'm finding it harder than I thought to get 20 sales per day. I still think I'll eventually get this product to sell 20 per day, but it will take a little more time.

It's not that the competition is high, it's that the demand is low and the only sellers that are getting 20 sales per day or more are the top 1 and 2 spots. When you have more demand and you do the research, you will see that the demand can be in the top 10 or 12 spots.

Side Note: I've started to approach new products a little differently. In the past I was looking for products that could sell 20 units or more per day. I still think this is possible, but I now look at products that follow my 10x10x1 strategy, because I think it's even easier. I teach this now in my new Private Label Classroom and it looks like this.

10 sales per day x $10 Profit per unit x 1 Product = $100 Per Day Profit.

In this episode I explain how to make sure the product you select follows these important 3 steps. Keep in mind that you can use these steps for high competition products as well. But, I'll be using the 10x10x1 approach moving forward with my business with one thing in mind. Most of the time when you have more than one product, you will get cross sales and your product that's selling 10 sales can increase to 20, because you have more products promoting each other.

The 3 Steps Discussed :

  • 1. Consistent Sales
  • 2. Demand
  • 3. Sales History

Links Discussed:

Private Label Workshop Replay

Private Label Classroom

TAS Private Facebook Group

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  • Hi Scott–I am new to the group and just listened to two of your courses. What is the site to go on and look up the BSR and sales information of products I am interested?

  • hellooo scott,
    you are absolutely inspiring me and i would like to thank every single word you are saying,
    i have an Enquiry regarding the order of the products showing on the top of the page after !
    what is the order based on because i could notice that there are some products that have lower ranking and show up in the second or third places while there are products with better ranking that come after it??

    • Hey Ebaa, amazon uses a variety of factors but they are all designed to show products that amazon thinks have the best chance of selling. Some products may be a better fit for the specific words you typed in but might NOT sell the most when you take into account all of the ways you can talk about the products. Make sense?

  • Hi, I’m really finding your podcasts valuable and am learning a lot. However, one thing I’m still struggling with is judging whether or not the market for a particular product is too competitive.
    I understand the idea that if there are a few top ranked sellers that have thousands of reviews and are really dominating sales, it will be tough to break into that market. What about the number of results that are returned for a product search. Some have 100 pages or more and some just a few. Do you take this into account when researching a product?

    • The total number of results doesn’t matter a whole lot, what matters is if sales volume will allow you to to break into the market. If the 2-3 top sellers have all of the sales, than it becomes difficult to break in. If sales are spread over the top 5 or more listings, it becomes easier to break into the market. Does that make sense?

  • Hi Scott, awesome stuff. Quick question, you mention that if the first two spots are taking in the 3,000 you wouldn’t advise selling that product. What if, when you look at the listing, you know for a fact that you can do a better job than them in creating an appealing listing? You know, great photos, great description and bullet points, maybe even do some pay per click. I also check for the amount of results for a given set of keywords in amazon and compare that to the search volume for that set of keywords in the Google keyword planet tool to get a basic idea of demand vs supply.

    • Hey Eric,

      You want to be sure that there is enough volume that you can get to 10 sales a day. That can be difficult when the top seller or two dominate the search results, but if there is enough volume than it isn’t too much of a hurdle, especially if you can make improvements on the listings that are already live.

  • Thanks Scott for the ongoing information. In this podcast your repeatedly referenced the number of sales a product had seemingly by looking at the BSR. How do you arrive at, “This product is probably selling about 20 per day.” comments? I set up my spreadsheet and tracked the BSR on the first 10-15 products for my key word. I also did the 999 thing to track their inventory. So my real question is, “Is there a way to figure out the sales for a particular listing besides doing the 999 method?” Thanks in advance for your input. Kevin

    • Hi Kevin, this is usually by experience and knowing what current BSRs ours are ranking for.

      There’s no real way of knowing because it’s always changing. But you can get a good idea.

      Thanks for the question.

      Hope this helps.


  • I cannot believe that you are giving this information out for free I know its great information we have spent thousands on FBA courses so I know what your sharing here is great information and if I am honest your podcast is more informative and you give way more training than we got for 1000 dollars just 4 months ago just wish I had known about you and your pod casts a few months ago I hope your listeners appreciate this training Thanks for sharing this solid information and helping us guys who are just starting our amazon business

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