TAS 037 Ask Scott Session #5 – FBA Amazon Questions

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast I will answer listener questions about Amazon FBA Selling. This is session #5 of Ask Scott and it covers product selection, keywords, shipping, US based private label companies and videos used in listings.

Plus, I give an update on what I'm currently doing to promote my 3 products using a new promotion strategy. I'm testing price and dripping out $1.95 coupons for 5 consecutive days to spike sales and receive more honest reviews. I'll be reporting back on an upcoming show with how it went.

The questions on this show answered are….

In this episode

  • 1. Should I Consider Only Products That Are Currently Selling?
  • 2. How Should I Use Keywords In My Product Variations?
  • 3. Is Boat Shipping Complicated and What Should I Use?
  • 4. How Do I Find US Based Private Label Company?
  • 5. How Should I Use Videos In My Amazon Listing?

Links Discussed:

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  • Hi Scott, you mentioned you wouldn’t purchase any consumables from alibaba. Do you still stand by this and what are the problems associated with this sort of product
    Thanks as always.

    • Hey Darren, it’s more about where they come from than anything else. As i’ve mentioned in the past alibaba isn’t just chinese suppliers, it’s suppliers from all over the world. That being said, if you want to buy anything that goes in the body or on the skin your best bet is to purchase from within the US…..for a variety of reasons. First, it’s easier to validate what’s in the product, second they will have an fda certificate and third it’s easier to get ungated with american products for that space than it is with chinese products (likely for the first two reasons)

  • Hey Scott,

    Another great podcast! One thing to mention is in the keyword section you mentioned that you can have 5 keywords. I believe that is incorrect. If you separate them by ” , ” commas you can put in as many as you can before you run out of text. Let me know if anyone disagrees with doing this, but this is what I have done. So you could have 4 or 5 keywords per line times by 5 lines.

  • Hi Scott,

    Great podcast! Do you know of a good resource that instructs on how to setup the parent/child listings on Amazon?


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