TAS 036 The Story Behind a $6 Million Dollar Amazon Business in 4 Years (Interview)

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast I'm happy to share  an interview I recently did with Will Tjernlund who has built a $6 million dollar business using Amazon FBA.

I just want to be clear that Will's business model is different than mine and may not be for everyone. But, I wanted to share how someone is scaling and operating like a large business. He also gives some good insights on shipping and using freight forwarder.

Here's a few of the takeaways:

  • 1. Still money in wholesale
  • 2. Launch more Skus
  • 3. Higher priced items = higher profits
  • 4. Leverage suppliers product catalog
  • 5. Buying bulk to reduce costs
  • 6. Use sea shipping when ordering large quantities
  • 7. Use 3rd party freight forwarder when scaling
  • 8. Storing product in your own warehouse space
  • 9. Look at products that are not FBA and FBM
  • 10. You become the wholesaler to other sellers (Your PL product)
  • 11. Test products fast through Aliexpress
  • 12. Best product at the best price
  • 13. Minimum $50 product to sell


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Join the discussion

  • On the PayPal buyer protection:-
    Among others, ‘payment has to be in full amount of the item with one payment – multiple payments are not eligible.

    Since typically what I understand is 30% follow by the 70% – wouldnt this render the buyer protection non-eligible ?

  • Great podcast, Scott. I love how forthcoming your man from Minnesota was.

    A suggestion: I love how you list the takeaways on this page from the podcast. However, when possible, it would be great if you could append the location the topic is covered in the pidcast by adding the timestamp.

  • wondering regarding the protection of using Paypal for buyers.

    From Paypal “… eligible for PayPal Buyer Protection you must meet all of the following requirements:
    Pay for the full amount of the item with one payment from your Account. Items purchased with multiple payments or installments are not eligible.”

    But typically we pay ~30% upfront and 70% later – wouldn’t this render non eligibility for the Buyer Protection ?

  • Great podcast! Even the big time people are great to listen to because it is where I want to be.

    • Hey Will… great info.. so may people are saying you need to search products for BSR’s less than 10/15k… Do you pay attention to this or like you say.. if it’s a good product it will rise to the top?


    • Hi Will,

      I have emailed you the same question, but it will also be useful for others to know the answer.

      Felxport is currently not taking on new clients do you recommend any other freight forwarders?


    • Hi Will, My wife and I sold our spa last December and now want to venture into ecommerce. We are very comfortable with wordpress but were told it cannot handle the shopping cart load. Can you recommend some sites? And also should we hire someone for seo work? My wife does not want to, but his else can you get ranked quickly on google? Thanks! I just found you last night.

      • Hey Gary, WordPress can absolutely handle ecommrece if you use a plugin like woocommerce. That being said if you really want to focus on ecom, I would generally suggest shopify. It’s as user friendly as wordpress, but designed specifically for ecommerce and has some really powerful features!.

        Regardless of whether you hire someone or not, SEO is not a “fast” process, anyone that says otherwise I would probably avoid.

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