TAS 035 The 5 Step Process For Testing Private Label Products Fast

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast I'll explain the 5 step process for testing private label products fast. Where you can simplify the process and minimize the risk. If you're feeling stuck in the product selection stage and fear you will pick the wrong product…this show is for you.

Here’s the 5 step process that is discussed:

1. Search on Aliexpress.com
2. Place Small Order
3. Create Optimized Listing
4. Turned On Amazon PPC
5. Re-Order Product

In this episode I will go into each of these steps and give you the exact strategy. When you use this process you are just looking for a product that can sell 10 units per day.

  • 10 Units Sold at $10 Profit = $100 Profit per Day
  • $100 x 30 = $3,000 Profit per Month
  • 5 Products = $15,000 Profit

If you follow this process you won't need to find the one product that sells 50 units per day. You can find the low hanging fruit of products and start selling faster without the competition.

I hope this strategy gets you excited and forces you to Take Action!

Enjoy The Show!


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Creating Your Optimized Listing

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  • Hi Scott,

    Thanks for this really useful epidsode.

    Just a question regading this method, should I bother to ask the supplier to send me samples?

  • Hi, great episode.

    – Are you shipping directly to Amazon with this approach or to your home/ prep company first?
    Wiith a smaller quantity will the suppliers generally package ready for FBA?

    I’m based is Sydney Australia and have an idea for a product – just trying to get my head around getting it there!

    • Hey Simon,

      generally speaking you’d want to have them shipped to you or to a prep service (especially with this method), since the supplier most likely won’t slap the FNSKU sticker onto the order for you. It would vary on a case by case basis based on the supplier

  • Hi Scott,
    Thanks for the information, I just started listening to your podcast and I am learning a lot, still not finished with all your podcast but i am going to, thank you for all the wonderful work you put in.

    I started a month ago with Arbitrage i thought i can make fast money to order my product! I am not making any money, it is hardly covering the cost of shipping and Amazon fees and Arbitrage was taking lots of time.
    I have a couple of questions

    1-when I chose a product from Ali Baba or AliExpress and order the samples, at what stage should i private label the product? should I start private label the samples?

    2-if i wanted to private label kitchen gadgets and I wanted to get into Make Up and skin Care should i use different accounts on Amazon and different logos?

    3- all my products on Amazon are groceries and some health products and some games, if I start my private label, will Amazon allow me to open another account for the private labeled products?

    I appreciate your help

    thank you

    • Hey Donna,

      there isn’t much need to have multiple seller accounts. Many sellers have a variety of brands under their accounts, so it’s not something to worry about.

      As far as samples are concerned, you don’t need to worry about having your branding printed on them (but if your supplier will do it, that’s great) because you’re just trying to get a sense of the quality of the product.

      Does that make sense?

  • Love your show! You get down to brass tacks, no pfaffing about. Your podcast is required listening whilst I am at work. Thank you so much Scott : )

  • Thanks Scott good podcast. Really awesome information. Love it!!!

    I have a few questions.
    1. I am trying out to test this using your suggestions (small scale)
    2. Running into issues listing it on FBA – says Haz Mat etc – Not sure why I have no batteries, liquid or chemicals
    ** Any help here
    3. Do you have any suggestions/recos on branding and logo. Someone who can help create it at a low price?
    Also can you please spend some time to talk through this- timing of logo creation, how to send it to supplier, do we see the sample after customization (don’t want to add too much time) etc.

    Thanks a ton

    • I would stay away from any chemicals or dangerous items.

      Branding should be done before you order your first shipment. I would try Fiverr.com or Elance.

      Once you have the logo created, you send it to your supplier and they will print.

      Hope this helps

  • Hey, Scott Thanks for another Great Podcast. Just a quick question. When listing a product, Do you think its better to have multiple sizes available to purchase on “One Listing”? or list each size of the product on individual listings. Or is this even possible? Thanks again

    • Hi, I had the same problem. looking on various listing I realise that every single review are valid for every sze or color. This way you will have much better ranking. I’m sure that more sizes on your page is better.

  • Hello Scott,

    I just finished this episode this morning and it contained some awesome information. I have located an item and before I place an order, I just wanted to run something by you. The item appears to not include instructions. This seems like something that could potentially cause bad feedback. Would I be able to request instructions from the manufacturer or would I have to find another way? Thank you and keep up the great work!

  • Hey Scott,
    I wanna say thanks for the podcasts, I really appreciate it and it is helping me to begin private labeling my first product. I have a question that is kind of off topic, but I hope you respond.

    I have a product picked out and I have contacted suppliers and gotten a few responses. The ones that have contacted me back have said that they will only do a custom packaging with my brand on it for a minimum order quantity that is above my budget. Should I just continue to look for more suppliers? Any suggestions on this would be great. Thanks Scott, appreciate it.

    • If they won’t work with you…you must must move on.

      I would still try and get them to do small order without packaging. Maybe just a poly bag or generic box.

      I’m sure there;s other suppliers that will work with you.

      Good Luck.

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