TAS 035 The 5 Step Process For Testing Private Label Products Fast

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast I'll explain the 5 step process for testing private label products fast. Where you can simplify the process and minimize the risk. If you're feeling stuck in the product selection stage and fear you will pick the wrong product…this show is for you.

Here’s the 5 step process that is discussed:

1. Search on Aliexpress.com
2. Place Small Order
3. Create Optimized Listing
4. Turned On Amazon PPC
5. Re-Order Product

In this episode I will go into each of these steps and give you the exact strategy. When you use this process you are just looking for a product that can sell 10 units per day.

  • 10 Units Sold at $10 Profit = $100 Profit per Day
  • $100 x 30 = $3,000 Profit per Month
  • 5 Products = $15,000 Profit

If you follow this process you won't need to find the one product that sells 50 units per day. You can find the low hanging fruit of products and start selling faster without the competition.

I hope this strategy gets you excited and forces you to Take Action!

Enjoy The Show!


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Creating Your Optimized Listing

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  • Hi Scott,

    With this quick testing method you mentioned to order from Aliexpress with low MOQ and just list it as your own “brand” even though it’s a generic label for now. Since Amazon requires a UPC to list, do you get the supplier to do this even if you’re only ordering 10-20 pieces? Would they do that for such a low quantity?

    Talking about UPC’s, if I get the supplier to print it on the box, and I want them to put the Amazon FNSKU sticker, do they stick it over the UPC code or would they print the FNSKU on the box along with the UPC?

    • Hey Andy, you don’t need the supplier to put a UPC on the product, you need the upc to create the listing. You would need to label them with the FNSKU before sending into Amaozn, just like any other product.

      • Thanks for your answer Scott. So just to clarify I just buy a UPC for the listing but don’t need it on my product packaging? Heard you talking about hijacking in previous podcasts. What happens if someone tries to hijack my listing or claims the product is theirs? Would it be beneficial to have it on the packaging as proof for Amazon or what kind of proof do they require to show that it is indeed yours? Just want to make sure I have all my bases covered. Do you put any UPCs on your products or just the FNSKU?

        • Hey Andy, you would need EITHER the UPC or the FNSKU on the package, it’s one way to go about it, but It’s not a huge help since all valid products would share the same upc. I generally just ship in the FNKSU

  • Hi Scott,

    I found a product that I can use for this method of PL. The item is small and lightweight. It can be purchased for around $1.5-$2 per piece on AliExpress. The selling price on Amazon is around $7 for 1pc and $12 for 2pcs.

    The prices already include free shipping to the US. However, it says it will take 20-39 days to get there. That is too long in my opinion. So what can I do? Should I get a freight forwarder to get the product to Amazon?

    Also, should I be able to have a logo on this? What if the supplier doesnt allow me to put a logo since I am only ordering a low quantity?


    • Hey Matthew, you would want to check with the supplier to see what their private label MOQ is. You’d also want to check into shipping it AirExpress, that would get it to the states in less than a week!

  • critique??? your kidding me .. your doing a great job my friend i just came across this posdcast while reading the kindle book, i like this ideas of using alixpress to qualify a product ideas ..

  • Hi Scott,
    It is a great and wonderful info. Thank you so much!
    As I am in Canada, do you recommend that I should send products directly to amazon us or send to prep company first, then amazon us?
    Please advice.

  • Scott,

    I listened to this episode and ordered a small quantity of product from AliExpress. Since it was a small quantity I did not have a brand put on it but just a small quantity to test. However, my product is being bundled with other small products to be one whole product. Would that qualify for its own UPC since that same products with other similar products included does not exist? Or does it have to have a brand, logo etc to qualify? I am just confused on what the right way to set up my listing is and I don’t want to get into trouble with Amazon.

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