TAS 034 Ask Scott Session #4 – FBA Amazon Questions

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast I will answer listener questions about Amazon FBA Selling. This is session #4 of Ask Scott and it covers Finding Agents, UPC Codes and FNSKU, Winning The Buy Box, Taxes, Ordering Samples and Minimum Orders.

The questions answered are….

In this episode

  • 1. How Do I Find a Good Agent and What To Look For?
  • 2. What is Winning The Buy Box?
  • 3. Do I Need a UPC code or an FNSKU Code by Amazon?
  • 4. How Do You Collect Taxes? Federal and Sales?
  • 5. Need Help with Ordering Samples and Minimum Orders

Links Discussed:

Private Label Workshop Replay

Private Label Classroom (New Class)

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