TAS 033 How Ty Roney Quit His Job and Started an Amazon Business

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast you'll hear how Ty Roney went from selling toys locally to creating his own Amazon Toy Store. He quit his job and focused only on online selling.

He took his knowledge from working in a local Toy Store and decided to try this Amazon Thing. He had some pretty impressive numbers, but in year 3 his margins were slipping.

  • Year 1 generated over $400k
  • Year 2 generated over $1.2 M
  • Year 3 generated over $1.5 M

Ty has also started his own agency that helps Amazon businesses sell their products.

Here's the 6 points I wanted to cover in this show:

1. Selling Wholesale Is Hard Now

2. Sell Your Own Product and Control The Buy Box

3. Seasonal Products Can Be Profitable for Short Period Time

4. Pay Attention To Retail Products for Ideas

5. Approach Local Retail Sellers and Sell Their Products For Them

6. Be Willing To Switch and Pivot When Business Changes

7. Look and Listen for Opportunity (His New Agency)


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