TAS 029 Creating Quick Cash To Start Your Amazon Business (with Jordan Malik)

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast I'm real excited to have  Jordan Malik on the show. He's been selling on Amazon and Ebay for over 10 years and has generated over $100,000 in one year, but only working a few hours a week on it.

This episode is so valuable for the people that don't have a lot of money to get started Private Labeling products yet, but want to earn some quick cash.

I asked Jordan to explain how get started FAST!

There's so much that we covered and you'll need to take notes.

Here's some of the topics discussed.

  • 1. How To Make Money Almost Overnight (Selling Stuff You Already Have)
  • 2. How To Find Products To Sell In Your Local Area
  • 3. How To List Your Products (So Simple)
  • 4. What Are The Hot Niches To Sell Stuff?
  • 5. How To Run FREE Ads to Find Products?
  • 6. Pros and Cons to Retail Arbitrage
  • 7. Is Wholesaling Worth It?
  • 8. What Would Jordan Do To Make Quick Cash?

…and we discuss so much more!


Links Discussed

https://AskJordan.net (Jordan's podcast)

https://jordanmalik.com/resources (contains free resources for getting started on Amazon/eBay)

https://jordanmalik.com/blog (free online seller blog)

https://jordanmalik.com/newsletter (free amazon/ebay seller newletter)

https://blesha.com (best-selling ebook about ‘buy low on ebay, sell high on Amazon)

https://inventorylab.com (software used to streamline listing your products on Amazon)

(similar service to InventoryLab)

(dumpster diving for inventory)

(Jordan's cheat sheet for sourcing local products)

(Jordan's other cheat sheet on sales rank)

(look for pictures of suffocation labels)

(look for pictures of suffocation labels)

(Free packaging tips for your items)


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  • Hey, Scott. It sounds like Jordan feels that a seller should have two accounts if they sell arbitrage from one account and a PL product on another. I believe earlier you suggested that a seller could just do both sales from the same account. What are your thoughts on that now? I’ve spent a year on FBA selling arbitrage/thrifted items and I have an account with a nice amount of feedback (all positive and may it stay that way, Lord willing). I could start my upcoming first PL product with a strong seller account and that sounds great to me. Is there any reason I shouldn’t do have one account? I have been thinking that I could just pause every existing ASIN I have for a few months and see how my PL product does. I know the FBA storage fees would stink for a while but if my PL product really took off the way my wife and I are hoping it will than I would honestly just dispose of each old unit. Thank you for your wonderful program.

    • Hey Mike, there isn’t much reason to have two accounts if you’re doing RA. You obviously can (remember to ask Amazon in advance), but in terms of things like having more than just your PL product listed, most buyers (99%) don’t even know they can click on your name and see what else you sell. I’d say, let it all sell!

  • Scott,
    In the podcast, I thought that I heard Jordan say that we could get a free copy of his Blesha eBook. Did I mis-hear or misinterpret that? I see a link above to a paid version of his eBook. I don’t mind paying for it. But I don’t want to pay for it if he was giving it away for free to subscribers of your PodCast.

  • Awesome podcast scott! I also started listening to Jordan when I first started. I did start with the “thrifting” and found alot of gold at garage sales. This model has helped me accrue money for wholesale and now venturing into private label and all within 6 months. As for the comment above by Brian, your items are not co-mingled unless you have your settings in seller central as co-mingled inventory (which I do not recommend)

  • Great podcast….on this one I will mention that there is a risk with arbitrage for certain products as when you send in products(not private label) your products get “co-mingled” with other sellers you will many times get credited for another sellers specific product that was co-mingled so if another person sent in a broken/fake/expired/bad version then if can hurt you(big sellers on Amazon have been wiped out in electronics for that)…..

    I think for arbitrage is great for some cash but long term it isn’t an asset.

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