TAS 026 5 BIG Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Private Label Products On Amazon

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast we'll discuss some of the Big Mistakes being made with new and current sellers. I wanted to create this list of what you should be aware of when getting started selling on Amazon to help you be successful.

Here's the BIG MISTAKES Discussed:

1. Skip The Popular Products
2. Low Demand For Product – Not Looking Deeper Than #1 Best Seller
3. Not Enough Inventory  For Promos – PPC – Constant Sales
4. Not Focusing On Customer Feedback and Reviews
5. Poor Listing Optimization – Low Conversions

Use these as checklist to keep in mind when selecting your products and when promoting them.

Links Mentioned:

Episode #23 with Chris Shaffer (Discussed Review Ratio)

Reviews and Feedback Strategy


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  • This is Awesome ! So much valuable information that I would take months to get all this know !

    Thanks a lot !

  • This podcast came just in time for me – thanks Scott! I have finally picked my product and waiting to hear back from suppliers. All very scary but exciting.

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