TAS 025 Ask Scott Session #1 – FBA Amazon Questions

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast I will answer listener questions about Amazon FBA Selling. This is session #1 of Ask Scott it covers Reviews, Product Selection, Promotions, Brand Names and Shipping.

The questions answered are….

  • 1. How To Find Good Bloggers Using Tomoson.com To Review Products?
  • 2. Should I Launch Cheaper Product or Higher End Prosumer Type?
  • 3. Main Brand – How To Have Multiple Brands Under One Brand?
  • 4. Product Promotions – Will The Reviews Last?
  • 5. Should I Ship Products Directly To FBA?

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Links Discussed:

Tomoson.com – Blogger Reviews

How To Receive Positive Feedback and Reviews to Improve Listings

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1 comment
  • On the Tomoson question – how do you give those bloggers your product? Do you give it to them for free and then provide an Amazon coupon for them to go on and purchase? If so, it looks like you cannot offer a 100% off coupon – how do you do it? Thank you!

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