TAS 022 5 Steps For Creating The Best Amazon Listing That Converts To Sales

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast we're going to cover 5 steps that will help create a KILLER Amazon listing that converts to sales.

Here's a quick list of the 5 steps we will discuss:

  • 1. Headline
  • 2. Images – 7 Images – 1500 x1500 – Fiverr
  • 3. Bullets – Use all 5 – Cap First Points
  • 4. Description – Be Descriptive and Include More Keywords
  • 5. Call To Action

Additional Tips Discussed:

  • Promotion Box – $5 Off When You Buy 2 or more
  • More products – Create Promotions That Include on all listings
  • Test Headlines – Images – Wait 5 to 7 days – Use Reports for Conversions
  • Shoot for 12% to 15% Conversion Rate in Beginning, but Shoot for 20%
  • Focus On Reviews  –  They Help With Conversions

HTML Description Tips:

Amazon Allowed HTML Tags – Click Here

Word To Clean HTML


Steps To Create HTML For Listing







If you follow these 5 steps when creating your listing and you select a product were you find sloppy listings, you can beat your competitors with your stellar listing.

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