TAS 021 : How To Create An Amazon Business That You Can Sell (Richard Turnbull)

By Scott Voelker •  Updated: 03/18/15 •  4 min read

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast I'm going to share an interview I recently did with a successful Amazon Seller. His name is Richard Turnbull and his story is a little different as to how he first started and how he plans to sell the business in the future.

I'll give you the highlights from the interview.

There's so much more we discuss and you will find tons of value that can be applied if your new or a current seller.

Why Richard Wanted To Come On The Show!

He reached out to me and asked if I knew anyone in the UK (in his area) that would want to talk business over a beer or cup of coffee. He wanted to come on the show to help and share his past 18 months of experience, but wants to find a small local meet-up group.

So, if you want to reach out to Richard, leave a comment below and he will be checking this post. I hope to hang out one day with Richard and we can have that beer and discuss our businesses.

This is why I love this show and all the listeners. If this show can help others connect and build relationships to create successful businesses…this is a success.

Pretty cool stuff 🙂

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Richard's Email Refund Template:

This is an actual conversation from Richards customer that refunded and his response. You'll notice that he writes as Jen and that's his customer rep's name (pen name).


Original Email:

Hi Bill

We are very sorry to see from your review that you have not had a good experience with
our product.  Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

It is our policy to offer a 100% refund to any customer that is not completely satisfied for
up to a year after their purchase.  If you have any feedback, please consider replying to

this email.  We are a small family run business and are trying to see how we can improve.
Would you like us to process the refund (you do not need to return the product) ?

Thanks and have a great day,


— Customer Response —

Dear Jen,

Your email impacted me so much that I had to raise my rating to 4 stars. I also stated
clearly in my updated review what type of people that I feel you are.

Jen, I pride myself and running a small company that has no interest in making money,
our only goal is to honestly help people. Sometimes I feel like I am the only company on
earth that is founded with these principles.

Thank you so much for showing me that I am
NOT alone! Your humility and caring means everything.

Yes, I have tried everything to get your product to work for me, and it just isn't going to
happen. So please do process my refund. But thank you, very, very, very much for being
the type of people that you are.

God Bless,
— Richard's Response —

Hi Bill

Your email has made our week!  That is one of the nicest emails we have ever had back.
Thank you.

Customer service and satisfaction comes first for us.  It is great to hear from other people
that value doing the right thing.

Have a fantastic day!



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