TAS 020 Amazon FBA Selling Questions and Answers (The Speed Round #1)

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast I'm going to answer some of your FBA Selling questions. Since launching this podcast I have received hundreds of Questions by Email, Blog Comments and Voicemail and decided to do a show and answer them. I'm calling this…”The Speed Round”!

Here's the topics discussed:

  • 1. Daily Routine To Be Most Productive
  • 2. What Are Some Additional Product Selection Tips?
  • 3. Should I Worry About Patents?
  • 4. Are Amazon Owned Products OK to Sell?
  • 5. What Promotions After Product is Selling Well?
  • 6. Shipping Direct To FBA or Not?
  • 7. What Should I Know About Import and Customs FEES?
  • 8. Should I Find an Investor To Help Scale My Business?


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  • Hi Scott,
    I’m getting samples for my first PL product and will be making a small order to test out the market. I’m planning to sell it with generic packaging to begin with since I’m only getting a low quantity. Is it a good idea or do I have to buy enough so that I can get my brand on it (usually several hundred pieces)? Also, even when starting off with the generic packaging do I need to get my own UPC code? I heard Amazon can also give you a code that you will stick on your product packaging. Is this true and how does it work?

    • You would still need a UPC code to create the liting. Once you’ve created the listing you can put the FNSKU (Amazon’s code) directly onto the packages 🙂

  • HI,

    This was a great podcast. i will ask some questions with the voice mail soon but i just wanted to say here whould you sell or try getting into retail stores?

  • Hi Scott. I’ve been devouring your podcast and I HATE listening to audios…prefer PDFs so I can skim! 😉 Anyway, do you have any tips on finding liability insurance? My first PL product is on its way from China and I still don’t have insurance. I wanted to get a policy ASAP because my product is in the baby category. Thanks!

    • Hi Susan,

      I’m working on notes an transcripts in the future. Thanks for your feedback.

      As for Insurance…this is a tough question and I’m currently working on it myself. I will report back when I have an answer to what I’m using.

      I would recommend forming an LLC when starting as well.

  • Thank you, Scott, for another awesome podcast, plus your answers the comments.
    I had similar questions to Reed, and I see that I can actually bypass Ebay completely to check the samples’ quality. Thank you for sharing your experience.
    Reed, if you are reading this, we are in the same importing group, don’t worry 🙂

  • Hi Scott!

    My products will arrive to Amazon within 10 days. I was just thinking, can I use the same pictures as my top competitor just now in the beginning? I mean they don’t have any copyright on their pictures right? Especially the first one? (After i order my second inventory with my brand name etc on. I will have 9 pictures the second inventory but im just starting out with 3-4 to get it Rolling). Is this good approach in the beginning?

    Thank you 🙂

    • I would not use your competitors pictures. You will be asking for trouble. You could just photograph the samples or have 3d images created by a designer.

      You could have your logo put on your product by the designer as well.

      Hope this helps.

  • Scott,
    This is a two part question:
    What is a good indicator that a product is worth moving forward on. For example. I got my samples, posted them on Ebay to test, and am now waiting on sales. I’m playing with the listing and pricing (still have no sales). At what point do you say “This is not going to work out” or “It’s time to move forward and private label”?

    Should I even waist my time on Ebay for testing a product out or should I just go right to Amazon?

    • Hi Reed,

      I wouldn’t waste my time on Ebay. It’s a totally different sales channel and market of people. That wouldn’t prove anything to me personally.

      List a small number on Amazon and give it a true test.

      • Thanks!
        Another question, when selling samples on Amazon, how should I approach it? piggyback on other products? Make new listing? Should I sale it by FBA or Merchant fulfilled? etc. ?

        • Hi Reed,

          I would not use the same product listing. I would create my own listing and start building reviews and feedback.

          I would do FBA.

          • Should I make a new listing even if I don’t have private labeling on my samples?

          • Reed,

            As long as it doesn’t have any brand on the product…you can create the listing. Then update it when you get your branded product.

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