TAS 017 How Danny Brewer Sold Over $40k In One Month As FBA Seller

Danny_Brewer_FBA_GUYIn this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast I had the pleasure of interviewing Danny Brewer who sold over $40,000 in one month and is on track to do even more.

You will notice that Danny is a regular guy and tells it how it is. He also is a guy that Takes Action and gets stuff done. In this interview he will take us through his first 4 months and how he plans to scale his Amazon Business to the next level.

His Process in The Beginning looked like this.

  • 1. Found Meet-Up Group with Local FBA Sellers (Meetup.com)
  • 2. Left Meeting Determined to make This FBA Thing Work
  • 3. Found Product #1 Idea on Late Night TV Commercial
  • 4. Looked on Amazon and Seen It Was Selling
  • 5. Searched On Alibaba.com and Found Product
  • 6. Contacted Suppliers With Products
  • 7. Ordered Samples
  • 8. Ordered Small Test Run
  • 9. Listed on Amazon Through FBA
  • 10. Sold Out in Few Days (Used Small Promotion Discount)
  • 11. Ordered larger Quantity
  • 12. Scheduled Small Promotion to Spike Sales ($1 Promo)
  • 13. Turned on Amazon PPC (Auto Campaign)
  • 14. Looked At Keywords from Auto Campaign (Created Manual Campaign)
  • 15. Re-Ordered – Repeat Process

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Top 3 Resources To Start Selling On Amazon

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  • Hi Scott. I enjoyed the show with Danny. He sounds a total riot. I’m kind of struggling with choosing an initial product as I’m a PL virgin and especially with how you judge the longevity of any particular item. In my limited time looking at this I’ve done a little market research into ideas I’ve had, namely using my wife, son and father. They always seem to come up with alternative ways of solving a problem I think a product might be able to solve. You know the sort of thing…’why buy a dish brush when you can use your hand’ and ‘I’ve had the same pair of laces for the last 30 years son’ and ‘I’d just go to the supermarket and buy one’. Any suggestions you would have on longevity would be much appreciated. As far as my my family are concerned they’re clearly just a ‘tough crowd’! Forgive me for asking but when you suggested a product to your wife did she ever say “Scott, no-one will ever buy that”. Thanks again for all you’re providing and free of charge! My brother-in-law is into the same thing and has spent thousands he’s just told me on how to do it and hasn’t sold a thing!!

  • Hi Scott, what do you mean by don’t worry about the packaging. You mentioned to just buy the project and just get it out there but also said put your label on it. Is this not branding? If so, don’t you need them to label it before you get it delivered to amazon.
    Thanks, really appreciate all the help you’re giving out.

    • Hey Darren, having your label put on the product is branding, but you don’t need a bag fancy package (think of the box your phone came in) to get started, a simple polybag with the product is a fine way to test the product.

  • Hello Scott
    Thank you for the great job you doing. I’m just starting on amazon. Do you think you could introduce me to Danny Brewer? Thanks

  • Hi Scott,

    This was an old post compared to your current number in podcasts, which I believe is close to 120? However, it is relevant till date. Danny is certainly a go getter. I have a request – can you post the exact email or text Danny used to post on Alibaba seeking suppliers? I’d like to see how he composed the email. Thanks!

  • First off great Podcast! I look forward to these every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the drive to work. I have a question about the product I’m looking at. It has many different variations of color and design, some being gender specific like pink or blue and some more neutral like yellow or light green.

    Should I only release one variation to begin. Then when I add other coler/patterns would I make a new listing or list it under the first product?

    • Hi Erik,

      Yes, I would start with a basic one and then add colors and various variations. But, I would create the Parent Listing with Child listings, so you can always add more later.

      Good Luck!

  • Good stuff right here guys! Thank you so much Scott and Danny! Understanding that, as with any business, there are various pitfalls and complexities… My biggest takeaway from TAS 017- Sometimes, we make this business WAY too difficult. Thanks again for sharing… Carry On!

  • Hey guys, great podcast….again. This stuff gets me so pumped up and is the highlight of my mornings by far. I have one question I hope you could answer for me. I keep getting this message:

    Your ad is not eligible for impressions because your listing is not in the buy box.

    Now does this mean my PPC campaign will not run at all? Or is the buybox something else. I was hoping you could clarify this for me.

    I have a good seller ranking, have made regular sales, and ship on time. Should I upgrade to a professional seller account? Does that have an effect on PPC?

    Thank you very much Scott! Im trying to make this my new full-time job 😛 thanks for the help.

    • Hi Hayden,

      That’s a good question. It probably depends on your category. I would think you could still use PPC, but you if you don’t have the buy box…that could be an issue.

      Maybe someone else has run into this and can help.

      • For PPC to be effective Amazon will only show ads when you have the buy box. Best way to get the buy is to have inventory at Amazons Fullfillment Centers. Sometimes this turns that switch on. Be the exclusive seller of the product will help as does being pro-seller. There are to many benefits to list for being a pro-seller if you plan on making this a business.

  • Great show Scott. It’s helpful that you dug into Danny’s system. Everyone has a different way of doing things. Very informative show!

  • Great podcast!! I can’t wait for Danny to come back from China so we can hear all about it! I agree, pictures would be awesome too! Thanks for sharing all the great information Danny!

    Scott, is a mastermind group best if it’s within your city so you can meet face to face? I wonder if people are more successful in a small mastermind group because of the education but also because of the motivation it can provide. If someone is having a hard time and they see someone else getting out of a rut and doing well that can be SUPER motivating! What are your thoughts? Maybe masterminds could be a topic for a future podcast. I don’t know much about them except the basics. Small group that helps one another basically. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and experiences!

    • Hi Angela,

      I think you can see from Danny’s story that local meet ups can work very well. But, sometimes you don’t have this option. I would try to reach out to other sellers and form your own.

      There’s some powerful stuff that comes from Master Mind groups. I will be talking about this in the future. It’s important.

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