TAS 014 What Do I Need To Set Up My Amazon Business? (Trademark – LLC -Accounting)

In this episode of The Amazing Seller podcast we will discuss the business side of having an Amazon Business. I'll walk you through my exact steps I've done so far to set up my business.

Here's the quick recap:

1. Choosing Your Business Name (Brand)
2. Trademarking Your Name
3. Forming an LLC – DBA
4. Business Checking Account
5. Accounting Software
6. Collecting Sales Tax (Nexus)
7. Seller Brand and Product Brand Differences
8. One Seller Account vs Two Seller Accounts

Example Discussed In Episode – Main Brand & Product Brand


Links Discussed:

Legal Zoom (LLC and Trademarks)
Quickbooks (Accounting)
Fresh Books (Accounting)
Wave Apps (Accounting)

Trademark Search – USPTO

TaxJar (Sales Tax Collection)

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  • Hi Scott. Love the pod. Just finished episode 14. LOL. Yes, I have a lot of catching up to do. I own my own business physical store location. Not sure if I’m supposed to say what I do but but it’s not that big of a deal to me. I own a video game store.

    So obviously you can already imagine how my operation is going. I have a physical location and I sell online not only on Amazon but one other site (not eBay) from time to time but primarily Amazon.

    I’ve done absolutely nothing just yet because I’m still listening and learning to your pods. And although I could probably ask you a hundred questions. There’s one that I’m curious about. And that is since I own my own physical store and my items are either found by me, my pickers or other customers trading stuff in. If I was to start let’s just say ‘accessorizing’ from China, how can I ship 500 units of a particular accessory to Amazon for them to sell, ship and pack when I’m still selling my own items out of my own shop under the same name on Amazon?

    I guess the more Cliff notes version of this question is, Can I sell FBA and FBM at the same time under the same name? Or is it one of those deals where if I go FBA I have to be 100% all in? Or would you even bother to attempted it just keep it under the same model that I’m doing now because it may be too confusing? Thanks… I look forward to your next 600 and some episodes. Ha. Mike

  • Hi, Scott
    Love your podcast and everything you do!

    Wondering if US sellers can use HK entity for Amazon US business? I am not US citizen and will only have green card in few years.

  • Hi Scott,

    Thanks for all that you do, appreciated.
    I have a question related to Trademark and LLC but also selling an AMZ FBA business.

    If I may try to convey my misunderstanding in the below scenarios and please correct me at any stage if I am incorrect:

    Scenario 1: I have one AMZ business which is a LLC and Trademarked called ABC Kitchen Products (in the example)

    I build ABC Kitchen Products into a profitable saleable company. ABC Kitchen Products is the entity listed in my Seller Central account.

    I then sell the ABC Kitchen Products (LLC and Trademark) and the Seller Central account is also transferred to the new owner so they keep the reviews etc?

    They have now have full ownership of ABC Kitchen Products LLC and Trademark and the Seller Central account to continue the business in anyway they choose, we part ways and that is the end.

    Scenario 2: I have Two AMZ companies which are both LLC’s and Trademarked called ABC Kitchen Products and JD Sports Products (in the example)

    I build both ABC Kitchen Products and JD Sports Products in a) one seller central account or b) two separate Seller Central accounts?

    I then choose to sell only one of the companies, in this case ABC Kitchen Products and they are in separate SellerCentral accounts there should be no issues at all and it just plays out as it does in scenario 1?

    Question: If I have both ABC Kitchen Products and JD Sports Products in the one Seller central account how does this play out for both myself and the buyer when selling only ABC Kitchen Products and keeping JD Sports Products ?

    I hope this makes sense.

    • Hey James, your interpretation of scenairo 1 is correct, you would transfer all assets to them. From where i sit, in sceanrio two you may want to have them in two different accounts the way you described. Otherwise you would have to have the buyer setup a new account and then sell them your inventory. It’s doable, but it makes the transition process more difficult.

  • Hi Scott – I have been playing catch up on all your podcasts and just want to thank you again – such a great resource! I have been asking quite a few questions and you and your team have answered so many (thank you!) so I hope I am not beginning to push my luck. I was a little confused in regards to forming an LLC and trademarking – using your screens shot above as example, do you feel it is important to form an LLC and trademark your Seller’s Main Name (i.e. Stock Port) or the Product Brand Name (i.e. Greenco)?

    • Hey Kevin, you’re going to want some sort of corporate structure, since i’m not an attorney I can’t speak to your specific situation. As far as trademarks go, i would focus on your brand name, if that’s something you want to pursue!

  • Hey there! Can I set up my Amazon Seller account today with my personal name and SSN and then switch it to an LLC & EIN number some time down the road?

    Also, if I do open with with my name/SSN can I still make different brand names to list the products under? Thanks!

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