TAS 013 Amazon Seller Reveals How To Create Brand Messaging In (One Day) That Helps Sell Products

In this episode of  The Amazing Seller Podcast I have a special Amazon Seller guest that is going to share how he builds Brands in One Day or less. His name is Will Evans and has developed a very cool technique for listening to his market and building his brand around that voice.

Key points we discuss:

  • 1. Branding is more than a logo
  • 2. How he created his Brand
  • 3. How he taps into his customers minds
  • 4. How he started an eCommerce business from his apartment
  • 5. Why he decided to sell on Amazon
  • 6. What he would do if he started over today

Will also recently wrote a book called “1 Day Brand” and gives you a blueprint and steps to follow and create your Brand in just one day. I read the book and found it be very useful and easy to follow. I will be using these techniques to learn more about my market and help create messaging that speaks to them.

I just want to say that I do not earn  a commission if you purchase Will's book. But, I do feel it is a great investment…especially seeing it's just .99 cents currently.

Click Here to check it out!

You can also reach Will at 1daybrand@gmail.com


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  • Hey Scott,

    I’ve got an idea for you to simplify extracting the keywords out of the reviews (or any other text collection source, for that matter). Maybe easier (i.e. more automated) than the ‘Keyword Market Matrix’ method. It’s based on using something like Wordle (word clouds based on keyword frequency within a collection of text). Basically the work flow is as follows:

    1. Get your keyword collection to be sorted (e.g. Amazon review page
    2. Copy the target text collection
    3. Paste into WordItOut
    4. Create word cloud
    5. Visually see the main keywords (by frequency) as the largest, most obvious highlighted words!

    Optional: change the application settings, including filtering out unwanted words, such as “people found the following review helpful”, “Package Quantity”, “Report Abuse” etc.

    Any further comments/feedback on this idea is welcome

  • Hello,
    Thank you for great podcasts.
    Very clear and useful information you share with us.
    I have few NOT quick questions  that came unfortunately from my own experience:
    1. I have launched my product and started to sell it. Suddenly I got an email that my product is patented by company (“Company NAME”) and I was kindly asked to remove the product listing. I asked to receive relevant documentation and I got it. What should I do? The product is really patented worldwide. BUT many companies sell it as their own brand… What is your advice about it?

    2. How can I avoid the issue like this in future (how can I know that nobody will come to me and say that this product is his patent… Before I made investments.

    3. Another generic branded product I sold on Amazon for 6 months and got a notice from performance-amazon-seller team that this product is not authentic because some customers reported it (It seems like competitors complained). Amazon asked me to send them suppliers name etc. What should I do? How can I approve to Amazon that it’s my own brand and not any non-authentic (or fake) product. Should I register anywhere my brand?
    Thank you in advance.

    • This is something that you have to do research on upfront. Chinese manufacturers don’t usually care about patents. You can always search the http://patft.uspto.gov/ data base.

      You could also contact a patent attorney.

      • What’s up Scott? I enjoy listening to your podcasts and am slowly catching up. You’re doing a great job.

        About trademarks and patents you may have to checkout WIPO. Search for these in Google and let me know if you find them more extensive than USPTO:

        “WIPO Global Brand Database”
        “WIPO PatentScope”


  • Will is a great guy. When I first started off in E-Commerce, he went out of his way to skype with me one day to help out my site. I never met him before, he knew nothing of me, he simply just helped me out of the blue one day. Glad to see his Chiefs brand is still doing well!

  • I cannot thank you enough for all the helpful information you are providing. I hope to be doing PL on Amazon in the next few months thanks to you. Keep them coming. My drive to work is now enjoyable.

  • Hi Scott,
    I first want to thank you for releasing all these podcasts, they are extremely helpful and motivating.

    I was wondering what your thoughts about using kickstarter to raise funding for production and then quickly moving to Amazon. I can’t afford minimum orders yet so my thought was to use kickstarter to raise funds and get my product out there. Maybe even get some product reviews out of it.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Erik,

      It’s an interesting idea, but I’m not sure I would create funding that way. I would look for friends and family maybe to help fund your business. But, then you always have partners or shareholders. I personally would wait and save money some how until you get enough for your first order. Then scale up from their with the profits.

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