TAS 010 The Best Strategy For Collecting Feedback and Reviews For Your Amazon Products

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast we’re going to discuss how to create a system to collect feedback and reviews all at the same time. Building your feedback score to your seller account will make your brand stronger and help rank you higher in Amazon. Having more reviews will help your product convert higher resulting in more sales.

There's a two part approach.

  • 1. Ask For Feedback First
  • 2. Respond To People that leave Feedback and Request a Review

I have created a 3 part email follow-up sequence that is triggered by a customer sale. Once a customer purchases a product they will receive 3 emails.

  • 1. Day of delivery
  • 2. 2 Days after product is delivered
  • 3. 7 days after delivered

If the customer leaves a feedback on my account, I then follow up with a personal email thanking them and then asking for a product review.

In this podcast you will see learn how to set this up once and have it run on auto pilot.

I use a 3rd part software (Salesbacker) that connects to my seller account and emails through Amazon's messaging system.

I also created a Swipe file of the 4 written emails I send to my customers.


>>Click Here to Download The Email Templates


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  • Hi Scott,

    The first email should be sent out on the day the customers item was shipped or on the day the customer received the item?

  • Dear Scott,
    Thank you for the helpful content you share with us all.
    My question is about the first mail you send to your customer including a PDF file. What is the content we should put in this PDF file ?
    My idear was to send them the user manual + a tutorial or a guide to help them use the product in the best condition (for example if I’m selling cameras, I will send them a guide to help them choosing the right software to edit their photos and some tips about how to edit their photos)
    In fact add some contents we are normally not suppose to offer but we offer it in order to exceed their expectation from the seller.
    Let me know if its your thought
    Thanks again!!
    For b2b perhaps add a line to ask them if they need an invoice.

  • If anyone is struggling to work out the step between receiving SELLER FEEDBACK and then asking for a PRODUCT REVIEW (like I was, for about 2 hours) please listen to the above podcast,rather than just throw your question up here an letting someone else do your research. SV makes this crystal clear within the first 15 minutes.

    I use Feedback Genius (I only send 2 emails though) and check in with Seller Central every morning for the PRODUCT REVIEW email…works really well.

    P.S. Scott, loving your work. If you ever go on tour please pop into the U.K. (but come to Birmingham, not London).

  • Hey Scott, i just had a question regarding review systems such as get bsr for launching your product. I was initially going to do a facebook ad campaign and then build an audience to launch my product to, but now I’m considering using one of the review systems you told me about, called get bsr. I was just wondering that if I use get bsr instead of the facebook ad campaign, will the results be somewhat the same? Will my product benefit equally from get bsr as it would if I were to use Facebook ads? Would my bsr increase as much? If you could let me know it would really help.

    • Hey Mustafa, BSR is simply a function of sales, so yes it would increase just as much. Keep in mind that your bsr isn’t the reason you’re doing the giveaway, you’re doing the giveaway to drive reivews. Generally speaking GetBSR or another review group is going to get you BETTER results in terms of the number of reviews you’ll get back, since everyone that gets the product knows and understands the review process.

  • Hi Scott,
    Thanks for the awesome content. My question is if we aren’t allowed to insert any external links in the message, can we just insert links inside the PDF file that we give away to customers? I want to share video instructions on how to use my product.


  • Hello Scott,
    first of all: THANK YOU for all the info you put out there, you really change lives for the better 🙂
    I was about to set up my email follow up sequence for my FBA business, when I read a couple of comments like “don’t do it, you’ll annoy customers”, “don’t do it, cause Amazon follows up to get reviews on their own anyway”.
    So I’m kinda undecided if I should send a follow up email (asking for product reviews of organic customers) at all. Am I overthinking this? 😉

    Thank you again for all you do!!

    • Amazon CAN send follow up emails to ask for a review, but they don’t always. The chance that you’ll annoy customers is so insanely low that it’s almost laughable. The ONLY time people get annoyed is if your sequence doesn’t offer any value back to the customer. It is 110% worth doing, hands down, no questions asked, every single time!

  • Hi Scott,
    When looking for products on Alibaba it wants a registered Buisness Company name. Do we have to register the name we choose for our company and if so how do we do this.

    • Hey Desirae, you should be signing up as a buyer not a supplier. It shouldn’t ask you for a business name during the signup process. Regardless, it shouldn’t have to match anything official in terms of your registered business name.

  • Hi Scott,
    I am planning to insert to my product card where i would put some small gift for buyer. What would be your suggestion to write on this card to let a clue to buyer that i am expecting his honest feedback.

    Thank you

  • Hi Scott. I use feedback genius already. I currently send one message after delivery only.

    Is there a way to use feedback genius to send the “review” email automatically, after feedback received?


    • Hey Henry, the way you may want to setup the sequence would be to send the review request UNLESS they leave a feedback below a certain mark. That should let you do it the way you want and have the highest number of people getting your request for a review, while weeding out the potentially negative reviews.

  • Hi Scott,
    Thanks again for the amazing content! Quick question: Before we start using Salesbacker we wanted to try manually sending requests for product reviews directly from Seller Central’s Buyer-Seller Messaging system. We would like to include a direct link to the product review page, however, when we place the url into the email or email template, it seems like the link is not live. We want to avoid the customer having to copy and paste the link. Do you know how we can place a working link into the email?

      • Hi Scott,
        Right above the message box used to contact a customer within seller central Amazon says not to include links or URLs in the message.

        Is this not something that they actually enforce?

        I assume since this is what’s been working for you it hasn’t been a issue.

        I was also wondering about the same thing as Wes in his comment above. So you just paste the link and you’ve had success with your customers copying and pasting the link to leave a product review?

        By the way this episode was super useful!

          • Hello Scott,

            I am all over the place. Sorry. I asked a question in another area but it looks like it is more fitting here.

            Is there a way I can insert a CLEAN (not super long) and DIRECT link in my follow up email after positive feedback is received? And is there a way I can customize the subject line to something better than what amazon offers. Or are we stuck using “additional information”?

            Thanks again.

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