TAS 010 The Best Strategy For Collecting Feedback and Reviews For Your Amazon Products

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast we’re going to discuss how to create a system to collect feedback and reviews all at the same time. Building your feedback score to your seller account will make your brand stronger and help rank you higher in Amazon. Having more reviews will help your product convert higher resulting in more sales.

There's a two part approach.

  • 1. Ask For Feedback First
  • 2. Respond To People that leave Feedback and Request a Review

I have created a 3 part email follow-up sequence that is triggered by a customer sale. Once a customer purchases a product they will receive 3 emails.

  • 1. Day of delivery
  • 2. 2 Days after product is delivered
  • 3. 7 days after delivered

If the customer leaves a feedback on my account, I then follow up with a personal email thanking them and then asking for a product review.

In this podcast you will see learn how to set this up once and have it run on auto pilot.

I use a 3rd part software (Salesbacker) that connects to my seller account and emails through Amazon's messaging system.

I also created a Swipe file of the 4 written emails I send to my customers.


>>Click Here to Download The Email Templates


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    • Hi Tamer,

      I would create a PDF and if not…send it anyways. Just letting them know you are checking in will go a long way.

      • Hi Scott,
        Thanks for the fast reply. My product is very simple. It’s so hard for me to come up with anything I can send them. I’m currently following your sequence, but I noticed that email 1 doesn’t really have any added value in my case. But as you said, just saying hello couldn’t hurt.

  • Hey Scott i would really appreciate if you can tell me where i can find the feedback link that i am supposed to leave to the seller. I am not planing to use feedbackgenious for now and planning to do this manually. Oh and one more thing, under the TOS is prohibited to use links in the message, what if the links are withing amazon platform? Can i send them the direct link of my product review page?

    A big podcast follower from day one.

      • Scott, what if this was a gift item..how would the recipient leave a review then? Should I be asking the buyer even if they didnt use the product? Also, is it possible to leave an insert in the product and have a link? What link would I be able to use? Thanks in advance..its many questions.

        • Hey Demetrios,

          you can ask the buyer regardless of if they are the final recipient or not, it can’t hurt! As long as you have a unique product you should be able to utilize a product insert. You could use a link either to leave a review on Amazon (like a URL that redirects to the Amazon review URL) or a link that directs to an information capture (email capture) for you to send them the review link again (in addition to when you’re sending it to them in the follow up sequence).

  • Hi Scott,

    Just wanted to let you know that this strategy is finally starting to work well for me. Thanks again! Another question I have with seller feedback is that I received a 4 star seller feedback with some good product related content. I could get Amazon to remove this but was wanting to get your thoughts on what you have done or would do for for this scenario? Is 4 star seller feedback good enough to leave? Or get rid it if you’re able to?


  • Hi Scott,

    For this review strategy I was curious if you reach out for a product review to those who leave pure seller feedback with nothing product related in it? (i.e. “Product arrived on time and as described.”) If so do you word your response to them differently than if they left seller feedback that was product related?


    • Hi Brent,

      Yes, I do still respond, but I take out the line that mentions they spoke highly of the product. Everything is the same.

  • Hi Scott,

    I am following your email template to send to my customers. I am not able to find a link to copy on my email for the product review?

    Also , do you go through the “Manage Orders” to contact the buyer and use “Feedback request” as the subject?

    Thanks a lot for your help. I am getting addicted to your podcast by the way :).

    • The product review should be the link people would click to leave you a review. Then just copy and paste that into the email. I use my own subject lines inside of Feedback Genius. I outlined everything in episode #10 – http://brandcreators.com/email

      Hope this helps!

  • Hi Scott,

    So far I am 0 for 10 on converting positive seller feedback that is product related to actual product reviews using the strategy and the email templates you have provided. I am definitely seeing an increase in my seller feedback which is great, but was wondering if there maybe something I am missing or if you had any other suggestions. Thanks again for all that you do!


    • Brent, I’m not sure. I guess it could depend on your market. It’s a numbers game as well.

      Also, are these random people that purchased or from a review group of some kind?

      Don’t give up on this.

      • Scott, these are all from random people who have bought my product organically. I have been consistent with being prompt to follow up with them for the product review, but like you said it could just be the market I’m in (Kitchenware products).

    • I know these comments are outdated but I thought if I ran across this, then someone else could too. As a product tester who receives 3 to 4 Amazon products per day; if what you want is a “Review”, then that is what you should request. More importantly, please only request this one time! Buyers are currently fighting with Amazon right now for the ability to completely block Seller emails. This fight was started and continues because of multiple emails being sent requesting reviews.
      Rather than listing my personal reasons, I have provided a link below of buyers discussing this very topic. While I do not agree with this, many buyers say multiple requests result in them automatically providing negative reviews.


  • Hey Scott,

    Im actually trying to figure out how we can direct a Buyer to a feedback link, when it seems the link is generated from the Buyers Order page in their account, for whatever orders they have. Am I missing something?


  • NOTE: ** After re-reading my posts I sound snarky, not my intention; just want to make certain I don’t get in trouble with AZ.

  • Hey Scott-

    Do you feel that this method of screening is slightly dishonest? It seems to me that removing only negative feedback and keeping the positive would one day be caught by Amazon and it could reflect poorly on the company?

    • Tyson thanks for the question.

      I personally don’t feel that way at all. If the customer leaves a 2 star feedback about the transaction…it will stay and there’s nothing I can do about it. The negative feedback would still help my business in giving me things to become aware of.

      Amazon knows that feedback is important and that is why they don’t allow product reviews on Feedback given.

      When I ask for feedback I’m asking them to tell me how we did as a seller. Was everything to your liking? How did we do?

      So, no I think it’s just a way to try and do the best job possible and also use this s a way to build our feedback and reviews at the same time.

      Thanks again for the comment.

      • Good point. But do you also remove the good feedback that has product feedback in it? I’m just curious if you think Amazon will one day pull down all those reviews? I have done this in the past so I’m not judging just wondering if AZ will have an issue in the future, last thing I want is to be on AZ’s bad side.

        • No I do not. I don’t think about as much as you are I guess. I worry about selling a good product to my customers and making sure they are happy. If they are unhappy I fix there issue the best I can, but if I can not make it public…I will.

          This is just personal preference and you have to do what is right for you and your business. I’m just sharing what I do.

          Good Luck.

          • Appreciate it. I do tend to over-think things. Thanks for the response. I’m curious because I don’t have a white label item but I do have an item that I am the only seller on Amazon, however, it a high return rate and I don’t know why. I have not been requesting feedback yet but I am going to start because I want to know what people are unhappy with so I can address it in the listing. It must that they are expecting something different than what is supplied. I know you can’t contact customers directly to see why they asked for a refund. I’m just over cautious because I hear horror stories of AZ shutting accounts down for things I would think are acceptable business practices.

  • Hi Scott, where do we find the link to send the customers directly to the page where they write the seller feedback?

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