TAS 010 The Best Strategy For Collecting Feedback and Reviews For Your Amazon Products

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast we’re going to discuss how to create a system to collect feedback and reviews all at the same time. Building your feedback score to your seller account will make your brand stronger and help rank you higher in Amazon. Having more reviews will help your product convert higher resulting in more sales.

There's a two part approach.

  • 1. Ask For Feedback First
  • 2. Respond To People that leave Feedback and Request a Review

I have created a 3 part email follow-up sequence that is triggered by a customer sale. Once a customer purchases a product they will receive 3 emails.

  • 1. Day of delivery
  • 2. 2 Days after product is delivered
  • 3. 7 days after delivered

If the customer leaves a feedback on my account, I then follow up with a personal email thanking them and then asking for a product review.

In this podcast you will see learn how to set this up once and have it run on auto pilot.

I use a 3rd part software (Salesbacker) that connects to my seller account and emails through Amazon's messaging system.

I also created a Swipe file of the 4 written emails I send to my customers.


>>Click Here to Download The Email Templates


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  • Hi Scott!

    I’m a newbie at e-commerce (my background is in medical social work) and I am so happy to have found your podcast. This process has been pretty overwhelming, but your content has made the transition much more bearable. Thanks a lot!

  • Dear Scott,

    Thank you for your great podcast, you mentioned the idea of sharing video link inside the guide in the attachment, is this still comply with amazon TOS?

    Can I also invite them to join a tips and trick Facebook group about the product?

  • Scott, I just heard you on Chris Guthrie’s podcast. I use Salesbacker currently. Although I’ve set it up and seen some success I was really struggling to understand how best to optimize feedback and reviews. Didn’t really understand the system well. This session is so useful on how to use the tool properly. Question, Is it OK to reach out to customers that have already been sent the 3-sequence emails for reviews and now ask for seller feedback? Feels kind of late and an after-thought but maybe it better late than never. Thoughts? I would really like to optimize outreach to each customer that bought my product.

  • Hi Scott, I too am moving from digital marketing (4 years – recognise your fab Clickfunnels funnel etc 🙂 ) to Amazon selling/brand building etc. I currently use Aweber as my email auto-responder – curious as to whether it is compatible with Amazon? Thank you 🙂

    • Hey Angela, you can’t use aweber to send emails to amazon customers because you need to use amazon’s internal email service to do so. Salesbacker and feedback genius both use amazon to automate the process.

  • This strategy is only for intial reviews and ratings so that I can come on page 1.
    From there I am gonna follow your strategy for reviews and ratings.
    So is it ok to do that without irritating amazon

  • Hi Scott, first of all thank you for these amazing podcasts, I found your podcasts before 2 weeks and I am listening a ton of them in a go. I must say they are the real deal man.
    I have something in mind and i just want to know if i could do it without irritating amazon.
    I am going to list a product on amazon and gonna choose third party logistics that is i am not gonna use amazon’s service to ship my product to the buyer, i will do it on my own. I have lots of friends where i live, i will call all my friends and tell them to buy my product and am also gonna tell them to give review and rate me and as soon as i get notified that they purchased the product and also gave me reviews and ratings, i will refund the money they spent to buy my product plus a little commission in an online wallet. In this way i don’t have to ship my product and i will get reviews as well as ratings by spending a little money.

    • Hey Rajat, what you’re talking about is not allowed in terms of amazon. You can’t get friends and family to leave reviews on your product ESPECIALLY if you’re giving them a free product in EXCHANGE for a review.

  • Hi Scott,
    I am pretty new in Amazon business, and your podcasts are really helpful! Since this episode was made in 2015 and I understand that some new rules came out afterwards about reviews and feedbacks. I wonder are the strategies described here about reviews and feedback still allowed? For example, can we still include links in emails to ask customers to leave feedbacks and reviews? Thank you!

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