TAS 008 How To Launch Your First Amazon Private Label Product and Start Getting Sales

In this episode of The Amazing Seller podcast you'll learn the exact steps I took for launching my first product and what I'll be using in the future.

Key Points Discussed On Podcast:

  • Build Launch List (Family and Friends)
  • Create Facebook Page (Publish Content Daily)
  • Run Facebook Ads For “LIKES” to Page
  • Launch Product (Tell Friends and Family)
  • Post On Facebook Page (Giveaway or Special OFFER)
  • Use Tomoson.com for product reviews and steady sales (30 to 50 units)
  • Try To Receive 5 to 10 sales Per Day for 5  to 7 days in a row
  • Start Running Amazon PPC Once 5 Reviews On Listing (Auto Targeting)
  • Create 3 Part Email Follow Up To Customers (Salesbacker Follow-Up Tool)
  • Continue To Receive Reviews and Push Sales

Update: Another way to build a launch list is by capturing emails from people that request coupon code. You can use FB Ads to drive people to this offer and then build a list of people interested in these types of products.

The tools I use are listed on the TAS Resource Page here!

pdf-icon2>>Click Here to DOWNLOAD my 7 Step Launch Plan and Checklist

This launch process can be modified, but the important thing to remember is that you want reviews and sales as soon as possible. I shoot for 25 reviews in 10 to 20 days and try to push 10 to 15 sales per day using Amazon PPC or Discount Codes.

In the beginning it's not about profit, it's about getting ranked for keywords and this is done by getting steady sales through those keywords. This is the only thing you should be focusing on when launching a new product.

Of course…this is my personal opinion.


Listener Question Answered on Episode:

From Dylan –

I found a product that has great margins, but it's over-sized. Should I sell this product FBA or FBM? Should I sell the product at all?

The answer is at the end of the podcast.

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  • Hi Scott
    How can you already give away your product to your friends and take pictures of it for your listing.. when they product is still in production?

  • Hi Scott,

    As a digital marketer by trade, I’m not convinced that running FB ads for “likes” is the best option.

    You would be much better of focusing on a specific target audience for your personal product and running a carousel or static picture product advert directly to that audience. Leveraging from a landing page that resembles your amazon product page with a substantial discount on offer and then following up for reviews may be a better way of spending money on FB advertising.

    • Hey J, that was a strategy that worked a few years ago, your best bet now is to drive straight for email. We go through a pretty substantial strategy in theamazingseller.com/buildlist .

  • I just recently listen to this podcast, and after i tried to create a free promo code to give out to certain individuals for reviews. i discovered amazon no longer allows 100% off promo codes to be created on 99% and if customer buys item with a discount of 50% off or more they can not leave a review? is this information correct , and what are new effective ways to promote new products on amazon.

  • Where in this process does “Get a UPC Code” fit in?

    I listened to your recent podcast on UPCs, and while it was really informative, I didn’t catch anything about when in the broader process you go out and buy a UPC code, whether GS1 or not.

  • Hi Scott
    Love the podcast by the way. Is Tomoson still a viable option for a product launch in the UK. Just wondered with the review terms of service changes that happened at the end of 2016? Thanks Adrian

    • Hey Adrian, Tomoson is simply a list of bloggers and is absolutely a way that you can find people to help you launch your product. The only thing that changed is you can’t require them to leave a review in exchange, but you can still work with them to buy early units or promote a discount on your product to their audiences.

  • Hi Scott,
    We would like to speak to you off line in relation to launching some products and are actually realestate investors as opposed to ever being involved in the internet. I’m sure you get a lot of people asking questions about how you got started and gets redundant. However, we would appreciate if you could speak with us and or give us an e-mail to reach you directly…

  • Hi Scott,
    Firstly, this is an amazing podcast and thank you very much for doing it. Has an amazing value.
    Secondly, I would like to ask, so if I order 500 units the first time and give away 100 and aiming to sell 10 per day, I am not sure when should I order the second time and what happens if there are no more units and I just started selling. How to bridge that gap between two orders when you are just starting?
    Thanks a lot.
    Really happy that I came across The Amazing Seller.

  • I had my questions deleted by you, was very disappointed since this is my second time trying to ask you (one time sending you in your email box) second time posting my concerns here and have them got deleted. I know my email was kinda long and I apologized for that, however, you could have just addressed one or two questions and leave the rest for not having time to answer them or any other reasons. just my 2 cents from somebody who was long time-fan of your broadcasts. Lyla

    • Hey Lyla, I’m not sure what question would have been deleted (although it may have been flagged as spam), feel free to post it again and I’d be more than happy to answer it.

  • Hey Scott, I’ve recently been asking a lot of questions and just wanted to thank you for all the help. However, I do have another question regarding Facebook ads. I’ve been trying to run facebook ads but am having a big problem because my account keeps getting disabled for no reason. Is there any other way I can drive traffic to my facebook page? If so, I would really appreciate it if you could help me out.


    • Hey Robin, they generally don’t disable an ads account for “no reason” you should be able to see the reason why your ad was disapproved inside the ad itself. If you can’t figure it out, you can always reach out to the facebook ads team and the should be able to get you squared away.

  • Hi Scott,

    Thank you for all your videos, I have been listening to a lot of your videos while I prepare to launch my first product. I had a quick question, I am a bit confused about using Fb to advertise your product. So, first you create a FB page and ask people to like your page containing your product. Then, once you have stablished a group you run the pay ads to target that specific group? Thank, I just want to make sure I fully understand.

    Thanks so much!


    • Hey Alejandra, it sounds like you have a pretty good understanding of the facebook strategy.

      You may also want to look into some services (if you want to make it easier), like GetBSR or ReviewKick. They would let you hit buyers directly without having to run ads and build the list first.

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