TAS 008 How To Launch Your First Amazon Private Label Product and Start Getting Sales

In this episode of The Amazing Seller podcast you'll learn the exact steps I took for launching my first product and what I'll be using in the future.

Key Points Discussed On Podcast:

  • Build Launch List (Family and Friends)
  • Create Facebook Page (Publish Content Daily)
  • Run Facebook Ads For “LIKES” to Page
  • Launch Product (Tell Friends and Family)
  • Post On Facebook Page (Giveaway or Special OFFER)
  • Use Tomoson.com for product reviews and steady sales (30 to 50 units)
  • Try To Receive 5 to 10 sales Per Day for 5  to 7 days in a row
  • Start Running Amazon PPC Once 5 Reviews On Listing (Auto Targeting)
  • Create 3 Part Email Follow Up To Customers (Salesbacker Follow-Up Tool)
  • Continue To Receive Reviews and Push Sales

Update: Another way to build a launch list is by capturing emails from people that request coupon code. You can use FB Ads to drive people to this offer and then build a list of people interested in these types of products.

The tools I use are listed on the TAS Resource Page here!

pdf-icon2>>Click Here to DOWNLOAD my 7 Step Launch Plan and Checklist

This launch process can be modified, but the important thing to remember is that you want reviews and sales as soon as possible. I shoot for 25 reviews in 10 to 20 days and try to push 10 to 15 sales per day using Amazon PPC or Discount Codes.

In the beginning it's not about profit, it's about getting ranked for keywords and this is done by getting steady sales through those keywords. This is the only thing you should be focusing on when launching a new product.

Of course…this is my personal opinion.


Listener Question Answered on Episode:

From Dylan –

I found a product that has great margins, but it's over-sized. Should I sell this product FBA or FBM? Should I sell the product at all?

The answer is at the end of the podcast.

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  • Hey Scott!
    You have mentioned using a facebook page for making a list of people that would be interested in a discount if your product for the launch promotion.
    1. I wonder what was your conversion rate from the 2,000 page fans to people getting on your email list. And from there also how many from your list actually using the code to buy your product.
    2. You mentioned running ads of your discount product only for your page fans on facebook. I wonder why not doing this for other pages that fit my nitch, instead of spending money building my own page?
    3. Do you still recommend this? or you found better ways to build you promo list since you made this post?
    4. Do you name the FB page on your brand name, or the nitch namesubject?
    Appreciate your time, answer and podcast!

    • Hey Ben, it’s going to vary based on how targeted your audience was going in.

      You can certainly simply advertise to related pages, it’s just slightly harder to convert them into buyers, since you haven’t established a relationship previous. If you’re looking for a long term build, this is a great strategy. If you want a quick and easy way to get started, check out Tomoson, Viral-launch, or one of the other services that help you structure your giveaway.

  • Hi Scott,

    In light of all the Amazon crack downs, would you change anything about this launch sequence. Would you still use Tomoson.com? Have you updated in newer podcasts? Sorry, I’m working my way through from the beginning, so I’m kind of behind.

    Kind Regards, Heather

    • Hey Heather,

      Not much in the crack down is what people in the community report it to be, you’re still allowed to giveaway free or discounted units in exchange for review, nothing there has changed. I’m not a HUGE fan of Tomoson, because I think building your own list is better (especially for the long term), but it’s not a bad place to start. Just make sure your reviewers post the disclosure that they got the item in exchange for their honest review.

      Welcome to the community!

  • Scott I am using your e-mail templates almost exactly.
    I just got a response from a customer after he received the 2nd e-mail. The customer said “It’s great. I’m kicking ass and taking names..”

    The customer obviously likes my product, but he did not leave seller feedback.

    How would you go about this scenario? I was thinking of just replying kind of like you do in the template for people that HAVE left seller feedback and just ask him to leave a product review.

    If I do this I should probably stop the 3rd and last e-mail in the followup sequence from being sent out too right?

    • Hey Robbie, if you’re going to manually follow up, you’d want to stop the 3rd email. Otherwise you could let the 3rd email roll and follow up afterwards.

      Congrats on the success so far!

  • Hi Scott,

    I am just starting out. my first bactch of products will be in by Fall this year. my question is – how can i get facebook “likes” on product’s page ? i was looking around for mom bloggers but they are asking 500usd. i think its a lot for 7usd baby product. or i should go ahead? any lead for publicity will be greatly appreciated.


    • Hey Jen there are a variety of free options to connect with bloggers, and paid platforms like Tomoson provide a great opportunity as well. If you’re just looking to get Facebook likes though, Facebook ads are a fantastic option. You can target them precisely to your audience.

  • Hi Scott, great podcast thanks so much for the free content !

    One question I cant find on a small detail please. In Amazon I am trying to create my first 100% off coupon but only allows 99%. Do I instead put in a dollar off to equal full price ? If product gets cheaper I assume the extra discount does not get leaked ? Hope that makes sense, if you can explain what option you select ie % off or $off and how much. Thanks

    • Hey Manny,

      percent of discounts are limited to 99%, you would have to use a $ off giveaway to be able to release product for free. If your product is 19.99 you would be able to discount the product by 19.99, keep in mind that it won’t be a free giveaway on your end, since you’ll be out the cost of the product and Amazon fees.

  • I just wanted to toss a suggestion out there, which may or may not be worth anything. You may have only been paraphrasing but you mention that in using email to convert positive feedback into reviews you say “……could you do me a favor and leave a review….” or something similar. I would suggest instead saying something to the effect of “…we’d love for you to share your opinion…” In general it strikes me that asking a favor is a withdrawal on a positive feeling toward yourself, whereas asking someones opinion invests in those positive feelings by validating their views. I seem to recall there was a study done which came to this conclusion, but I for the life of me can not find it at the moment.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to put together this podcast! I am only eight episodes in and it has already been immensely helpful for me. Best!

    • Hey RT,

      thanks for the feedback! You’re right wording is everything, ESPECIALLY in email. Feel free to take what we talk about on the show and make it your own. Keep us in the loop as to how the way you modify things work for you. We always love to hear what’s working for the TAS community.

  • Hey Scott,
    I was really dumb, joined ASM (Amazing Selling Machine) for a huge fee, thousands – This is the 2nd podcast from you I am listening. It teaches more than ASM’s many videos and makes so much sense, practical to do. I think they got a bunch of ideas from you. Thank you!

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