TAS 008 How To Launch Your First Amazon Private Label Product and Start Getting Sales

In this episode of The Amazing Seller podcast you'll learn the exact steps I took for launching my first product and what I'll be using in the future.

Key Points Discussed On Podcast:

  • Build Launch List (Family and Friends)
  • Create Facebook Page (Publish Content Daily)
  • Run Facebook Ads For “LIKES” to Page
  • Launch Product (Tell Friends and Family)
  • Post On Facebook Page (Giveaway or Special OFFER)
  • Use Tomoson.com for product reviews and steady sales (30 to 50 units)
  • Try To Receive 5 to 10 sales Per Day for 5  to 7 days in a row
  • Start Running Amazon PPC Once 5 Reviews On Listing (Auto Targeting)
  • Create 3 Part Email Follow Up To Customers (Salesbacker Follow-Up Tool)
  • Continue To Receive Reviews and Push Sales

Update: Another way to build a launch list is by capturing emails from people that request coupon code. You can use FB Ads to drive people to this offer and then build a list of people interested in these types of products.

The tools I use are listed on the TAS Resource Page here!

pdf-icon2>>Click Here to DOWNLOAD my 7 Step Launch Plan and Checklist

This launch process can be modified, but the important thing to remember is that you want reviews and sales as soon as possible. I shoot for 25 reviews in 10 to 20 days and try to push 10 to 15 sales per day using Amazon PPC or Discount Codes.

In the beginning it's not about profit, it's about getting ranked for keywords and this is done by getting steady sales through those keywords. This is the only thing you should be focusing on when launching a new product.

Of course…this is my personal opinion.


Listener Question Answered on Episode:

From Dylan –

I found a product that has great margins, but it's over-sized. Should I sell this product FBA or FBM? Should I sell the product at all?

The answer is at the end of the podcast.

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  • Hey Scott,
    Great stuff. I was not expecting this king of quality. You were referred by a friend on the east coast. Despite that fact, I still listened to the podcast. I was blown away. No whining kid pontificating about his internet prowess. You have solid content with great suggestions. I left a similar comment on iTunes as well. Keep up the great work!

  • Scott, First I want to say thanks for all of the great content. I’ve started with TAS 001 and going through all of them. My question is regarding Tomoson.com What pricing service did you sign up for? I would think you are just launcing one product at a time you wouldn’t need to go past the entry $99/month price. Thanks again!

  • Hi Scott! Thank you for the great information. Hope you still see this question. According to the launch plan on building email list subscribers, you recommended 2 websites (Aweber.com and Leadpages.net). Could you please give some suggestions about these two websites? I saw from Leadpages that they had several subscription options. Which one did you pick? Is one month enough for this purpose? Thank you very much in advance!

  • Hi and thanks for the great Info, just quick as I live outside the US…I can’t really tell my friends and family about the product. So that they can buy it inly for a very low price…What would you suggest to get the firts reviews?

  • Hi Scott, can you get positive “seller feedback” converted to a “product review” if the USER doesn’t respond to your email asking them to?

    • HI Rob,

      I wouldn’t send any more than 3 messages. If they don’t respond by leaving a review…move on. You don’t want to upset your customers.

  • Hi Scott, is there any way to get positive “seller feedback” (that is a product review) converted to a “product review” if the USER doesn’t respond to your email asking them to? maybe asking seller central or something?’ is that worth it?

  • Hi Scott,
    Love the Podcast. Regarding the product launch phase, I ordered 10 samples to test it out before making a large investment. Does this affect your promotion strategy of giveaways/discounts? I will give a few to friends for reviews. Should I just give away the rest on Tomoson or run a FB ad with squeeze page for reviews?
    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Evan,

      I would just use them for reviews. The samples are just to test the product. I would order a larger quantity to get started.

      I would order an extra 50 to 100 for promotions.

  • Hi Scott,
    Thank you for all your Podcasts! You´re really helping me improve my Amazon journey. I have a question for you, If i´m planning on getting serious with my brand and I will launch products in the future with my brand in the same category, should I create a fan page on Facebook of my brand or a fan page concerning my products.
    Thank you

    • Hi Diego,

      It wouldn’t hurt and it will give you a community around your brand.

      I would say go for it.

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