TAS 008 How To Launch Your First Amazon Private Label Product and Start Getting Sales

In this episode of The Amazing Seller podcast you'll learn the exact steps I took for launching my first product and what I'll be using in the future.

Key Points Discussed On Podcast:

  • Build Launch List (Family and Friends)
  • Create Facebook Page (Publish Content Daily)
  • Run Facebook Ads For “LIKES” to Page
  • Launch Product (Tell Friends and Family)
  • Post On Facebook Page (Giveaway or Special OFFER)
  • Use Tomoson.com for product reviews and steady sales (30 to 50 units)
  • Try To Receive 5 to 10 sales Per Day for 5  to 7 days in a row
  • Start Running Amazon PPC Once 5 Reviews On Listing (Auto Targeting)
  • Create 3 Part Email Follow Up To Customers (Salesbacker Follow-Up Tool)
  • Continue To Receive Reviews and Push Sales

Update: Another way to build a launch list is by capturing emails from people that request coupon code. You can use FB Ads to drive people to this offer and then build a list of people interested in these types of products.

The tools I use are listed on the TAS Resource Page here!

pdf-icon2>>Click Here to DOWNLOAD my 7 Step Launch Plan and Checklist

This launch process can be modified, but the important thing to remember is that you want reviews and sales as soon as possible. I shoot for 25 reviews in 10 to 20 days and try to push 10 to 15 sales per day using Amazon PPC or Discount Codes.

In the beginning it's not about profit, it's about getting ranked for keywords and this is done by getting steady sales through those keywords. This is the only thing you should be focusing on when launching a new product.

Of course…this is my personal opinion.


Listener Question Answered on Episode:

From Dylan –

I found a product that has great margins, but it's over-sized. Should I sell this product FBA or FBM? Should I sell the product at all?

The answer is at the end of the podcast.

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  • Ive been listening to your podcast in order while at work doing line set up at Panera. And i hear about the Facebook page. Is it joinable? Or is it a community for people who have bought into a certain amazon course?
    Im in the researching phase of selling on amazon.

  • Hey Scott!
    I LOVE YOU PODCAST VOICE! Bro, you’re a kind heart and I can hear it. You’re very informative and straight forward. I literally just started and don’t really have much money to make money, but I will try my best. I actually live in China so that is a step up for me. I do have a question though, I don’t really want to do the FB page and draw too much attention. I was considering connecting with as many family and friends privately, and then also using the thomson method. Is there any other recommendations? I’m not much of a huge social media guy and like to be more behind the scenes; which is why I want to start doing this full-time so I can travel the world and have my own online business. I see most of your responses are towards the buildlist page and I am currently downloading that, so maybe some answers will be in that, but it stil doesn’t hurt to ask directly.

    Again, you’re awesome! Cheers!

    • Hey Ed, I would suggest goingng through the material at theamazingseller.com/buildlist that’s the most up to date on how we are launching products currently.

  • Scott,
    If we give out product for a huge discount, then those customers who will purchase and leave review, amazon will not consider them as valid, because of huge discount. So whats the point of huge discount? To boost Amazon A9 and get sales?

    • You don’t need to give a HUGE discount if you’re using the strategies we talk about in theamazingseller.com/buildlist. I’m not sure what you mean by “valid” those people can absolutely leave reviews, even if they get a discount, amazon may not mark them as verified, but that doesn’t really matter, the real goal is to get SALES

  • G’day from Down Under Scott!

    Completely new to FBA (and Amazon really – we don’t even have it down here yet), so trying to come up to speed on it all.

    Thanks so much for the no-nonsense content that you put out. It’s a confusing game to play, but the way you lay it all out in plain speech is awesome, and it gives a noob like me confidence that I can get something up and running too!

    Two questions:

    Firstly, I keep hearing mention of a facebook group that you are involved in, but there are zillions on there. Which one specifically am I looking for?

    Secondly, what if I have a fairly bland product (by it’s nature – Think something like a nut and bolt) that probably won’t attract much attention through the methods mentioned above to get reviews. Certainly not exciting enough to start a FB page over, but something with solid (repeat) sales history that looks like a solid product. What then for reviews?

    Thanks again man for the work you do.


    • Hey Russ, the fb group is at theamazingseller.com/fb ! Reviews come from sales, focus on getting SALES and the reviews will come. Bland or unsexy products are absolutely viable on Amazon and can be some of the best ones out there!

  • Hi Scott,
    For product launch, can t we directly put the product up on Amazon and people will search and buy it instead of going through the marketing strategy as in Building list and using facebook ads. I mean as per product research, you d know which one sells. In addition, is it ok to sell the same product that others are already selling on Amazon.

    • Hey Uzair when you’re launching a product you have a chicken and egg scenario. You need SALES to rank for keywords, but to get sales you need traffic. Amazon PPC is great but building a list is the best way right now to drive LOTS of sales in the start

  • Hey Scott, great valuable content! Regarding the ‘Method #2 – Build Email List Subscribers’ in the launch plan, do you direct people to a standalone landing page site OR to your website containing the landing page? In other words, do I need a website to apply this method? I read online that Facebook may shut down your account if you direct people to a landing page site as opposed to your own website… Any thoughts on this?

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