TAS 007 From Retail Arbitrage To Successful Amazon FBA Private Label Seller – Andy Slamans

In this episode of The Amazing Seller podcast I had a chance to interview Andy Slamans, who's been very successful in Arbitrage and now Private labeling his own products and seeing HUGE success.

Key Points Discussed on Podcast:

  • The Arbitrage Method
  • Metrics For Product Selection
  • Sourcing Products From China
  • How Many Skus To Have
  • How Much Competition Is Too Much
  • How To Scale Your Amazon FBA Business to $30k Per Month

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  • Hi Scott,

    As always great podcast!!

    I will start to sell on Amazon (USA) very soon but I am from Australia so I don’t have a lot people (like family and friends) in America to buy my product and ask for reviews.
    Is there any way to sell to people in Australia using Amazon website and I delivery from here? Then these people can give me a review?
    Also I am planing to have a website. Can I link my website to Amazon website and when people buy from my website they will pay on Amazon website and amazon will delivery the product? but if these people are from Australia could I deliver to them?

    Thanks very much,

    • Hey Ana, at this point having friends or family review it is generally considered a no go. Your best bet is to do a typical launch, using one of the strategies we’ve talked about in recenet episodes, or to build your own list (the best way) using one of the methods we talk about on theamazingseller.com/buildlist

  • Hey Scott,
    Do you sell anything in Amazon.ca? I want to get into selling a product and I am in Canada. So far all the competition is from FBA sellers in the States but their prices are higher and I can be more competitive with my pricing. There is only 3-4 players with 7-20 reviews for each of them. Only one player that is merch from China probably (no shipping info) and they have 3 reviews the last one dating back to late December 2015. My question is on Jungle Scout it shows they are making 2000+ in revenue a month but do you think this is accurate with only 3 reviews? He has the only competitive price but the other FBAs from America have more recent reviews even with the higher price. My plan would be to release the product and get 5-10 verified purchases from family and friends within the month and let organic sales take over. But I want to know according to your knowledge in the market would it be worth it to go in with that plan? My apologies if this is confusing. I don’t have much capital so I am trying to be as sure as I can be.

    • Hey Aya, remember, reviews have nothing to do with sales volume, they can impact conversion rate but there are lots of products out there with only a few reviews and tons of sales. As far as selling in canada goes, I don’t and my good Canadian friend Dom Sugar generally falls on the side of selling in the US because the bang for your buck and the demand is just sooo much higher. That being said, i’ve met quite a few people selling well in Canada so if you think you’ve found a way to squeeze in, it’s worth a look.

      • Thanks for the reply Scott. I thought reviews help you get to the top of page 1 of the search page when someone types in your product in the search or keywords related to it. And yea sales is not really there in Canada but I’m hoping to enter here and then see if I can scale to US. Thanks for letting me know about Dom Sugar I will check him out!

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