TAS 006 The 5 Steps For Finding And Sourcing Products To Private Label And Not Get Scammed

One of the hardest parts of starting your Amazon FBA Business is sourcing a product from China or overseas. I have sourced two products so far and working on my third as I write this post and I've had good luck so far.

But, I feel it's because of the research and the suppliers I contact. In this episode I share with you my 5 steps for finding suppliers and feeling confident I won't get scammed.

The 5 Steps:

  • 1. Search for Products In Alibaba.com
  • 2. Use Filters To Find Highest Quality Suppliers
  • 3. Contact Supplier with Specific Questions (Very Important Step)
  • 4. Respond to Suppliers That Email Back
  • 5. Place First Order and WAIT!

I go into great detail on the podcast, so you'll hear all the ins and outs for choosing the right supplier.

The Podcast recording is down below or you can find it on iTunes or Stitcher Radio.


•Email Template For Suppliers-

I mentioned in the podcast that I would include a basic email with the question to ask.

Hi, My name is ————– and I'm the purchasing agent for XYZ Company.

We are in the process of adding a ——————— to our product line and your product seems to be what we are looking for.

I have a few questions.

1. Do you offer samples and how much including DHL Express Shipping to United States zip code 89078?
2. How long to receive 2 samples?
3. Can we pay using Paypal?
4. Can we change the color ?
5. Can we brand with our logo?
6. What is the cost per unit including shipping by DHL Air Express to United States Zip Code 89076?
7. How long for manufacturing once we place order?
8. Do you accept Escrow payments?

Our first order of 500 will be a small test order and in the future will be ordering between 1,000 to 5,000 units.

Can we order 500 units for the first order?

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Thank You!

John Doe
-Kitchen Express –  Purchasing Agent

Tip: Copy and paste your email to at least 10 to 20 suppliers. You will weed out the ones that are late to reply and only attract the ones that could be possible suppliers.


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  • Such a great podcast, loads of good information. Your email template and strategy in saving time and filtering companies out will be of huge value.

  • When purchasing your product from a supplier, did you provide them with your company name/logo and have them add that or did you order your product and add your own logo/brand name?

    • Hi Amanda,

      Yes, we only look for products that we can brand with our product logo. It’s also called White Labeling.

      Thanks for the question.

      • Thank you for the reply. Did you trademark your product name/logo? It seems like a very painful process to go that route.

        • I did not Trademark the name…but I did create an LLC using the Brand.

          I think it will depend on your market and how competitive it is. It’s a judgment call and you could always do it later.

  • Hi Scott,

    Thank you for the podcasts. They’re great! I have a question on custom fee. I have ordered like a dozen products off of Aliexpress at one time in the past and was charged for custom fee by the post office. Is there any way around this?

    • Hi Kara,

      Thanks for the question.

      Sorry, but it’s a hit or miss. Sometimes you get charged and sometimes not. It really depends.

      Sorry I can’t help on this.


  • Thanks for the podcast, my question is how do you deal with customs as a seller outside the U.S. STUFF like what taxes should you pay as a seller outside the U.S

    • That’s a good question. Maybe someone will read this that’s an International Seller. I do know a seller that is and I’ll have to ask him. I’ll report back.

  • Great shows,
    One question, how do you find the BSR in sub categories? I know they have the top 100, but how do you get to the top 5000 in various categories and sub categories? Great job, your a natural.

    • Just scroll down towards the bottom and look at Best Seller Rank. It’s in the same box as the Product Details.

  • I’ve done 4 wire transfers without any issues. Don’t you think it’s kinda silly to say never do a wire transfer and only do paypal?

    • Hi Gabe,

      I personally would not do one and I would not personally suggest anyone do one when first starting. You have had good luck and good for you, but if someone does a wire transfer…they have a greater chance of getting scammed.

      Once you send money via a wire transfer…the money is gone. Plus, I’ve heard it can take 5 days to clear and that holds up manufacturing.

      So, no I don’t find it SILLY at all. I’m being cautious so people don’t get scammed…including myself.

  • Did you pay for an inspection service on your initial 500pcs to check for quality/consistency before listing? Or did you have them shipped to your office so that you could check them yourself? Or use pictures and trust them? Thanks!

    • Hi Carly,

      I had them shipped to my home office and I inspected them. I still do it this way, because I want to make sure my product is quality. It cost me about .20 per unit to ship to Amazon myself…but it’s worth it.

      You could hire someone to do the inspections I guess. I just do it myself.

      Thanks for the question.

  • Great episode Scott, your podcast is giving me the confidence that I can start my Amazon FBA business. In fact I’ve already started researching my product and getting ideas. Thanks for all the help.

    • Hi Scott. I have just signed up to your site,i was recommended to you by a man named Steve Weber.He used to send me information to get started in Internet Marketing ,and like him i am following your lead for an Amazon business.The question i have is,should i start with the pod casts or the webinar,by the way i live in the UK.Thanks, John Sefton.

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