TAS 004 How To Research And Choose Products That Will Sell On Amazon – Step by Step

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast you’ll hear how I choose new products to sell and the filters I use for almost guaranteed success.

Key Points Discussed on Podcast:

  • Brainstorming Ideas
  • Write Everything You Touch For 24 Hours
  • What Market Would You Want To Be In For The Next 10 Years (Your Brand)
  • The Filters To See If The Product Is Selling and If You Can WIN!
  • Track For 7 Days and Look At The Numbers (BSR-Reviews-Ranking)

UPDATE: Since posting this episode I've been using Jungle Scout (Chrome Extension) to help verify the demand in the market and how many units are being sold. This has made this process 100x faster. No joke 🙂

I've also interviewed Greg Mercer, the creator of JS and he shares some really cool techniques for how he finds products. If you want to listen to that episode…click here!

If you have any questions…leave a comment below or click the big button on the right (My Big Head) and ask it there.


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  • Hey Scott! I have been listening to your podcasts for a while now and I would like to say that they are a great help! Just a quick question about the 999 strategy. for some products when you put in the quantity 999 it says that this product has a per customer limit of 2 products only. what do we do then?

    • Hey Mansoor, if the 999 trick doesn’t work on a specific product (it won’t always) simply do it on the products on the page, you’ll know a “close enough” number of sales based on where the BSR of the product that it didn’t work on falls compared to the other’s on the page.

  • Hey Scott, I do not yet have junglescout. Is there any way to track the units sold per day and daily revenue without using JS?

    • Hey Gabe, you can always use the 999 trick. Add 999 of the item to your cart. If they have less than that amazon will tell you how many they have. Come back the next day at the same time and subtract the difference!

  • hello scoot,
    thank you for your help,
    i want to ask you for choosing a product to sell on amazon we need to find product with low bsr, but how many sellers with low bsr it’s good?

  • Hey Scott,
    While researching for products on Amazon, I noticed something not mentioned in the podcast. As per description, some products are not eligible for international shipping, so is it the sellers prerogative or it is product specific, since I will be selling from outside the US.

  • Hello Scott!

    Question on “tracking the product” how exactly would I track the product for 1 week, I have a product already which I have samples coming in this week. I am doing OPP but came across your podcasts and they are so useful.


  • Great information!
    You mention in this podcast about good BSR numbers when choosing a product. This podcast is 2 years old, so should we be using different BSR numbers now, as compared to 2017?

  • Hey Scott,
    at first thank you for the helpful content you’re putting out here.
    You said that it’s better to concentrate on one category to build up a brand. Is it possible to create a kind of “sub” Amazon seller accounts for each category/brand, to carry many brands at the same time?
    Thanks in advance,

    • Hey Damjan, there’s no reason to create a sub-account, you can house as many brands as you want under one account. If you want to have a different account to have a different brand, you can do that but it’s a separate account.

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