TAS 003 The 12 Month Plan To Building a $30k Per Month Amazon Business

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  • Hi, Scott. I am just starting selling in June 2018. Do you think I should follow the advise you give from 2015, or I should start listening some of your more recent videos. Thanks for the great content!

  • Scott, Newbie here recommended from a Facebook page. Really wanting this to work! Started from podcast 1 will get to the end some time soon. Can you recommend:
    1-podcasts that you listen to daily on all subjects, Amazon and non to keep you going
    2-Amazon courses, I’m wondering if anything else is necessary apart from your podcast and videos? I find them very useful and no hype and looking also at the struggles.

    Thanks so much for the content!

    • Hey Giuseppe, Honestly I don’t listen to many podcasts, I do listen to the ocassional audio book and lots of music!

      As far as courses go, I do lay everything out in the podcast but if you like to see more step by step structure, accountability, over the shoulder views, up to date information and what’s going on NOW you could always jump into a course like the one we offer at PrivateLabelClassroom.com

  • Hi Scott,

    I forgot to add this last, but important question for you in my questions above:

    Do you think it’s important that I write up a contract with my suppliers? And if so, do you have a sample one that you can share?

    Thank you!

    Budding Entrepreneur

    • Hey Julie, I don’t see your other questions, but I’m more than happy to answer this one! Generally your “contract” will be a simple document (if you purchase via Alibaba, it’s lined out nicely). If you want to build a more “legal” contract you can, but I generally just go the purchase order route.

  • Hey Scott, I’m really excited to get started in this business. I’ve listened to your first 3 podcasts so far and want to thank you so much for the information you so freely give. You Rock! I’m sure I’ll be back her here as I have questions.

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