TAS 002 How Scott Went From Zero To $47k In 90 Days Selling On Amazon

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  • Hi Scott,
    I want to become a Private label seller. However I heard from several people that I shouldn’t start with private label but work my way up starting with RA, then maybe wholesale then PL if I still want it. They say the risk of making expensive mistakes is much higher if I would start with PL directly. What is your opinion on this?

    Thank you!

    • Hey Chris, PL certainly has more risk, but it has much more reward as well. Lots of sellers start with PL and have no issues, that’how I got started! Ultimately it’s up to you 🙂

  • Hey Scott,
    I’m just getting started here and was wondering if the information in this podcast is still relevant in today’s marketplace as this podcast is from Feb 2015? If not, where do you recommend I start?

    • Hey Brian,

      Yes the information is absolutely relevant. I would take a look at the brand new start here section of the site, where we just posted the 5 step road map we recorded a few weeks back with the most updated version and what exactly is working now.

  • Thanks Scott
    I found a seemly good product but there is something that could be problematic.
    Aĺl sellers on 1st page making good sales.
    There are not too many reviews but the other sellers have really optimized there listings. What do you think? Should i jump in?

  • Hi Scott,

    Very much early stages and considering doing this as an option, so listening from the start and seeing if is something I can do. Finding it very inspirational and appreciate the free content greatly. My question is if the early podcasts still represent amazon today and if the tips and tactics you’ve mentioned are still viable considering that was 3 years ago. Thanks again.

    Thanks again

    • Hey Darren, the vast majority of it still applies, there are some tweaks that you’ll get to hear in the newer episodes as well. If you want the run down of everything that I’m doing right now, the free workshops i do are a great way to get that! Theamazingseller.com/workshop

  • Hello Scott,

    I really enjoyed your podcast and I am just planning on starting. I have some question about Private Labeling and getting started and rolling.
    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Scott, I’m a total newbie at this stage – I’m currently working through your first few episodes – whilst writing notes. I’m at the stage where I’m thinking about buying Jungle Scout – however I’m just confused on how I research products?! You mention in episode 2 – that you search for the BSR to be 500 or less?! I don’t understand what that means? Sorry if this question sounds silly – but as you’ve mentioned, research is key to this – But I don’t know how to research!! : S Thank you for creating this amazing podcast!!!

  • Hey Scott,
    I have a few questions.
    1. You mentioned spending 300$ on FB page if I got it right, on what exactly? Because later on you mentioned spending 100$ on the FB Ad.
    2. Where can I get the codes for a giveaway or the discount that I will be using on FB?
    3. Sine Amazon rules have changed regarding giveaways and reviews would you still do the same thing, meaning the FB page, the Ad and are we allowed to kindly ask those people for a review after they get our product?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Hey Ina you can absoutley still do discounts and then ask for a review, you simply can’t give the discount ONLY if they give you a review. The codes are generated inside your Amazon account in the promotions tab.

  • Hey Scott,
    You are awesome man!Love your podcasts!! I just quit my job and plan to start my Amazon FBA business to be my own boss. I am highly motivated and planning to invest $3,000 initially. If possible, can you please suggest me which categories should I go for initially as a safe bet? I was thinking about Home & Kitchen. Also I just came to know that factories remain closed during Chinese New Year from January 28 for almost 5 weeks so I was thinking sourcing from US suppliers until Chinese factories re-open in March 2017. Can you please share your experience with US suppliers or any other country except China?I would really appreciate that. Thank you!!!

    • Hey Sanjay, it’s not about the category it’s about the product! Suppliers from anywhere will work as long as you’re getting a quality product and selling to a market with demand.

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