TAS 002 How Scott Went From Zero To $47k In 90 Days Selling On Amazon

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    • Yes, and there are notes to most shows. I just don’t have transcripts. If you hear any shows that don’t have links…let me know and I can add them.


  • Lovely broadcast! Thank you for sharing.
    You have mentioned an application to reply to buyers and follow up on sales. Can you reply with the name? Thank you — j

  • Scott–Thanks so much for this format and the information that you provide. I keep listening to this one over and over as I’m trying to select my first product. My question is how do you feel about Amazon being in the market on the product?

    • Thanks Mike for the question and comment.

      I think you are referring to Amazon selling the same product. I personally would stay away from that product. The last person I want to compete with is Amazon. There’s so many products out there you can sell, so I would stay out of Amazon’s retail products.

      Just my take of course.

      Hope this helps.

  • Great Info!!!! In reference to your Facebook Page and advertising on Facebook to promote your page, are you doing Pay Per Click or Pay Per Like? If you did both, which one had better performance?

    • Hi Skooter,

      I used FB PPC, but you could always try Pay Per Like. I just set my budget to $10 per day and my CPC was .50 and I never paid what my bid was. I averaged about .30 for my CPC.

      It’s all about testing ๐Ÿ™‚

  • AMAZING. Really appreciate you taking the time to do this Scott. Its so so nice to have someone actually going in depth on tactics. Nitty gritty!.

    Keep it up dude! <3

  • Nice podcast Scott!

    When your campaign runs for weeks with say 800 keywords, you said you start narrowing down by sales.


    Do you pick those with high impressions or those that have high click-to-conversion counts?

    Impressions allow us to gauge search demand but click-to-conversion allows us to pick winners.

    Do you have specific click-to-conversion ration you look for when picking selling winners? Like 1 sale in 300 impressions or 1 sale in 100 impressions?

    Same with impressions. After you have gauged search demand but those impressions did not convert, what do you do this data? Do you keep it handy for future to maybe gauge search demand again?


    • Hi Boris,

      I just look at sales for the most part and the ACOS or Average Cost Per Sale. Amazon will tell you how many sales came from that Keyword. The impressions are great to look at, but sales are the final deciding factor. If you’re getting a lot of impressions, but no sales…you need to look at your listing and see why it’s not converting. It may just be the wrong keyword.

      But, out of 800 Keywords…I may only have 3 or 4 that are winners. Some may not even get impressions or clicks. I’m only looking at sales.

      Hope this helps.

    • Hi Melinda,

      I didn’t purchase Facebook likes from a website or anything shady or black hat. I just created a Facebook Ad and wrote something like:

      “I LOVE YOGA

      Click “LIKE” If You Love Yoga TOO!

      This is just an example. But, you want to create a FB page that is your target audience.

      Hope this makes sense.

      That’s all the ad said and now I created a page that

      • Specifically, what type of Facebook ads do you recommend to promote your product? I know FB offers a LOT of different paid advertising options, and in your opinion what have you found to be the most beneficial? Particularly if you have not clearly identified the target niche/market of your product yet.

        • Hey Michelle, I generally don’t advertise the product on facebook, I did advertise my Fan PAGE. There are a variety of different ad types that you can run and they will all work well for different markets, I would focus on building my fan base using “like” campaigns and then use those new found fans to market to.

  • Hey there, can you explain how you expand your ppc campaign, to different campaigns for separate keywords? and why not to do it all in the same campaign? would be glad to hear your advice! thanks.

    • Roman,

      Great Questions and I will be discussing this in great detail in an upcoming show or shows. We could talk for hours on this topic ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Are you going to have the podcasts transcribed? You have so many valuable nuggets I can seem to get them all written down.

    • As of right now I don’t have any plans to. This Podcast is FREE and to have 30 minutes transcribed is like $30 to $50. If anyone wants to volunteer…shoot me an email.

      • Hi Scott

        Thank you for making this podcast. I agree, this one should be transcribed because it is loaded with so much information. I am subscribed and I also wrote you a 5 star review on iTunes. I really want you to be successful in your podcast.

        • Hey Troy,

          Thanks for the kind word. I may eventually get these transcribed, but right now it’s costing me money to produce these shows ๐Ÿ™‚

          If anyone reads this and knows someone that will transcribe for FREE to support the show…let me know.

          Thank for the support Troy bu giving me a review on iTunes.

          You da man ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Hey Scott, I know a lot of people were looking for transcripts of your podcasts, but also know that transcription costs $$$!! So I thought of an idea: what if you launch a “GoFundMe” campaign with a target amount that you would need in order to get all of your podcasts to date transcribed. If we say ($40 per 30 min podcast * 100 podcasts) = $4,000. When you consider you have 11,676 members on your other fb page, that’s $0.34 per person! Even if only 800 members actually contribute, thats still only $5 per person. I think that’s definitely reasonable and something many people would be more than happy to pay for.

        • Hey Ryan,

          Thanks for dropping by and being grateful for the FREE content ๐Ÿ™‚

          As for transcripts…they are more like $50 per episode and I do 3 per week. So, $150 per week to give FREE content away.

          But, I have since started teaching a class and now I will reinvest and most likely transcribe my podcast.

          Oh and you’re welcome!

          • Haha, sorry!

            Reading that back, I see it sounds pretty rude. It wasn’t meant that way. I was just thinking how $47,000 sounds like so much next to $30.

            Do you offer coaching Scott?

          • ANYONE who wants the transcription can get it done. It doesn’t have to be Scott doing it. Just send the link to a transcriptionist and have it done. There are a ton of them on oDesk, and maybe on Fiverr as well.

        • What’s your problem?!Don’t take this for granted.Scott share all these to us for free and why he should spend $30 to transcribe.He can made that much doesn’t mean he owe you.He doesn’t owe anybody.I think everyone listend this podcast should be grateful.

    • i also looking for someone can do the transcribed.bcoz i am not the native speaking.cannot understand what scott saying …if have the transcribed by docoment..i am sure i will understand well..thank you..

      • Hi Jane, I’m not sure were this Podcast will go, but if we can find a way to have these transcribed and not cost a small fortune…I may consider it.

        Thanks for the feedback.

        • Hi Scott, just an FYI, my wife has a side business transcription business. Lately she’s been doing jobs for podcasters. She is currently working on Shawn Manaher Podcast Sidepreneurs also on iTunes. She is very fair and does a great job. You can check with Shanw on the quality of her work if you are interested. She is looking for more opportunites. Thank you for the consideration. If you are interested I can send you her contact info, Thanks, Fred

    • i’d gladly transcribe your podcasts for you. I used to do this in Mandarin Chinese and English together a few years ago for a a company who worked Top American clients out in China

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