TAS 001 The First Show Introduction | What To Expect | Who’s This For

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  • Hi Scott,

    Can you please provide a link to the Facebook group you mentioned? There are a few with that name and I didn’t see one that’s started by a guy named Daniel.

  • Hi Scott,
    I was advised to listen to your Podcast by a friend of mine Kristian Jeffery. I’m brand new to Amazon allthough i do already have a ecommerce store selling equestrian products which is going pretty well. I’m from the UK but live in Australia and am very excited about Amazon’s launch here and the oppurtunities it brings.

    Anyway I’ve just finished the first episode and am starting right away on the second!

  • Hello Scott,
    Great stuff. I just heard ep2. I am really motivated now. Out of curiosity, what was your first item described in ep2?

  • Hello Scott.
    I’m back to ep1. Starting and taking notes now. You really opened my eyes, faith in myself and confidence that I can create something that one day will give me the option to leave my day job.
    Brilliant podcasts.
    I will say, that you have helped my through the podcasts.
    I am on phase 3, which is ready to order 250 units of a bundle I have created.
    I’m excited and confident.
    How did you create a mastermind group?
    Do you accept invitations, give out invitations?

    How does that help you?
    Keep up the great work and success to you in the future.
    Kind regards

    • Hey Ian, for my personal mastermind group, I formed it with other sellers I bonded with in Facebook groups (like the TAS group!) Your best bet would be to start in the TAS group (theamazingseller.com/fb) and see who’s looking to join one!

  • Hi Scott, My name is Imran from the UK and I just listened to your first podcast and it’s absolutely amazing what you are doing. I’m going to continue listening to all the others and take your advice on board. I have registered for your private label workshop which takes place next week. it’s gonna be 1am or 2am for me but I can’t wait.

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