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I’m Scott Voelker, creator of The Amazing Seller Podcast and Blog. If you’re new to the world of Amazon FBA Selling and Private Labeling, this page is for you! It contains the information you need to get up to speed quickly and start your own Amazon FBA Business!

I've been selling on Amazon since October 22nd, 2014 and I share my story on TAS Episode #2.

– How Scott Went From Zero to $40K in 90 days

I wanted to document my entire process and decided to create individual episodes that discuss step by step details to outline each step.

Update: I recently launched a NEW Brand in April of 2017 to prove the process still works and to generate another revenue stream. After 12 months we have surpassed 6 figures and plan to build this into a 7 figure brand over the next 12 months.

The 5 Steps To Start Selling Online

Step 1

The 5 Step Roadmap Series to Launch Private Label Products on Amazon (Overview)

Step 2

Part 2 – The 3 Step Formula for Finding Products and the 10x10x1 Strategy

Step 3

PL Part 3 – How to Find Suppliers and Source Your Products                 

Step 4

PL Part 4 – Listing Creation and Pre-Launch for a Successful Launch

Step 5

PL Part 5 – Launch and Promotions to Get sales and RANK   

NEW: After publishing the 5 part series, I received requests to put together training for just finding products. So, I decided to start from scratch and document the entire process in this NEW training.

If you're interested…check out the details below.

Product Discovery Bootcamp – I created this training to teach how to find low competitive products and build a BRAND. You will look over my shoulder as I start from scratch to find a market and then discover 3 to 5 products that will be sold. This training will help you discover YOUR market and find products that you can sell within your BRAND.

For more details…watch this short video here.

Resources and Tools I Use in My Businesses

There's Resources and Tools I discuss and share in the podcast. I've created a page that has all of them listed.

Click Here to check out the Resource page

Don't Get Overwhelmed!

One of the things I see many new sellers struggle with is information overload. Don't get sidetracked with all the shiny objects you see. If you follow these simple 6 steps, you will be well on your way to selling your first Private Label product on Amazon.

As always, you can leave me a question here on the blog.

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  • Hi scott,

    For a brand new professional account with no reviews or history have you heard of anyone having issues getting ungated in health and personal care as long as they have 3 invoices?

  • Thank you Scott for all you are doing!
    I really want to attend your live workshop, but alas I’m in college and have a class at that time. Will there be another opportunity to attend? Or a recording? Just curious. Thank you! Destiny

  • Hello Scott,
    Thank you for your amazing podcasts, they are truly helpful.
    So, I am planning to import goods from China, to the US, and then sell it on Amazon. I have created my DBA name and I have registered it with my local county clerk. However, I did not open a business bank account under my assumed name yet because as of now I don’t know if my items are going to sell successfully on Amazon. I also created a brand name and already private labeled the product, along with my assumed name, such as sold by “DBA”.

    After finishing all these steps with the production and registering, I run into a problem when I started filling for the POA and commercial invoice for the freight forwarder. So, now I don’t know if I have to write my original name or my assumed name (DBA) on these documents, without having any problems, since my birth name and my DBA are different. I would prefer to use my birth name instead of the DBA, since I can provide the US customs with my passport or my id if they request for it because they contain my birth name on them.

    The problem that I am afraid about is that during the examination, the US customs may find out that my assumed name on the products does not match my legal name, and this might get me into trouble. On the other hand, if I use my assumed name on the documents, then I don’t have a business account under that assumed name (DBA) in order to make the payment to the US customs duties and taxes.

    If it is possible, I would like to know your opinion on this issue, and which name I should put on the documents to prevent having any problems.
    Thank you in advance.

  • First and foremost, Scott, thank you so much for giving your precious time and providing such outstanding content! This is a great platform- Thank you!! I am truly inspired and will be forever grateful!!!

    My question is: Is it better to do the product giveaway phase as merchant fulfilled instead of FBA in order to avoid high AMAZON fees when giving your product for free? If you give away your product for free, I’m assuming that Amazon still charges fees? So, in addition to the cost / “losses” incurred for giving it for free, there are amazon fees to pay on top of that? Please explain if you get a chance.
    Again, my sincere gratitude and thanks for giving us this fantastic opportunity for Q and A!

    • Hey Tony, the short answer is…in most cases you’ll end up paying more to ship it yourself than you’ll pay in amazon fees, plus you want the products stocked in at Amazon anyway, so you can take advantage of organic sales you might get during that time.

      They do still charge fees, but since fees are based on the selling price of the unit, you will usually pay the minimum fee for your category, which is often around $1

  • Hey Scott,
    Thanks for answering all my previous questions, your advice and podcasts are a huge help. I was just wondering if you could assist me. I recently finished my product launch by running get bsr and driving tomoson traffic to my facebook page and launching my product to several people. I saw that my bsr increased drastically and also noticed that if a day goes by that I don’t sell as much my bsr starts to go down. Now that I am waiting for all my reviews to come in before I turn on PPC, what do you recommend I do to maintain a good bsr?


    • Hey Mustafa, BSR is simply a fucntion of sales and isn’t really relevant to your “over health”. Obviously when you do a giveaway that will spike your BSR, once you stop the giveaway, your bsr will drop (because you’re not selling as much). Once you get your PPC running and start to see sales pick up youll see your bsr follow 🙂

  • Hello Scott,
    I have been interested in selling on Amazon for awhile now. Just recently I was directed to your page. I look forward to a new adeventure and now it seems more possible with the resources that you have so graciously offered. Thank you☺

  • Hi Scott,

    Thank you for your awesome podcast mate

    Im ready to acquire samples from the supplier, and they have agreed to put the logo on the product for the samples. However, for the designed packaging they said they can only print it in mass production – not for samples. I wanted to get the product with everything finished so I could get professional photos of the product + packaging and also see what it looks like completely finished.

    Can a designer still design and get photos of product packaging without the physical designed package?

    What do you recommend?

    Many thanks

    • Hey Terence, one of the ways around this would be to have them ship you a unit when they start making your big run of products. They can get you the first one “off the line” and send it to you ASAP so you’d have it a few days/weeks before the rest of the shipment for pictures, etc.

      • Thanks Scott I really appreciate your time mate.

        Regarding the above, I was actually thinking of getting the professional photos done with the plain box and the product (since they both got shipped to me as samples and I’m happy with the quality) SO I will have them both in the main image.

        My question is, if i provide the single image of the product & packaging, is a graphics designer able to put the box design on through the image? I won’t actually have to get a 3D rendering of the packing then. Just simply put the design through the image.

        Thanks Scott, your a legend mate! Huge fan from Sydney, Australia

  • Hey Scott,

    Thanks for all this information! I have a quick question. I recently made an inquiry in Alibiba and one of the suppliers has asked me to communicate with them directly via email.

    Should I be concerned? Is that normal – I feel like there are risks around that. I wanted to get your feedback.


  • I’ve really enjoyed listening to these steps! I have gotten a lot of nuggets from these! I am still in the planning phase and appreciate your podcasts!

  • Scott, love the Podcast. Keep it up. I plan on joining the Seminar next week.

    We feel good about a product and are ready to start looking for sources. This is our first product. I will borrow from your email template, thank you for that. What do you recommend for an email account to send from. Should I use my private email address or should I look to creating a busy domain and send from that email address, or should I create a gmail account that is for that purpose?

    Thank you

    • Hey Hyrum if you have an email that’s fine, but you don’t need to create one for outreach. A @gmail address or something similar will be just fine!

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