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I’m Scott Voelker, creator of The Amazing Seller Podcast and Blog. If you’re new to the world of Amazon FBA Selling and Private Labeling, this page is for you! It contains the information you need to get up to speed quickly and start your own Amazon FBA Business!

I've been selling on Amazon since October 22nd, 2014 and I share my story on TAS Episode #2.

– How Scott Went From Zero to $40K in 90 days

I wanted to document my entire process and decided to create individual episodes that discuss step by step details to outline each step.

Update: I recently launched a NEW Brand in April of 2017 to prove the process still works and to generate another revenue stream. After 12 months we have surpassed 6 figures and plan to build this into a 7 figure brand over the next 12 months.

The 5 Steps To Start Selling Online

Step 1

The 5 Step Roadmap Series to Launch Private Label Products on Amazon (Overview)

Step 2

Part 2 – The 3 Step Formula for Finding Products and the 10x10x1 Strategy

Step 3

PL Part 3 – How to Find Suppliers and Source Your Products                 

Step 4

PL Part 4 – Listing Creation and Pre-Launch for a Successful Launch

Step 5

PL Part 5 – Launch and Promotions to Get sales and RANK   

NEW: After publishing the 5 part series, I received requests to put together training for just finding products. So, I decided to start from scratch and document the entire process in this NEW training.

If you're interested…check out the details below.

Product Discovery Bootcamp – I created this training to teach how to find low competitive products and build a BRAND. You will look over my shoulder as I start from scratch to find a market and then discover 3 to 5 products that will be sold. This training will help you discover YOUR market and find products that you can sell within your BRAND.

For more details…watch this short video here.

Resources and Tools I Use in My Businesses

There's Resources and Tools I discuss and share in the podcast. I've created a page that has all of them listed.

Click Here to check out the Resource page

Don't Get Overwhelmed!

One of the things I see many new sellers struggle with is information overload. Don't get sidetracked with all the shiny objects you see. If you follow these simple 6 steps, you will be well on your way to selling your first Private Label product on Amazon.

As always, you can leave me a question here on the blog.

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  • Hey Scott,
    Your podcasts are amazing. I learnt so much from them. I started amazon full time in Jan 2017 as RA and now I have launched couple products but still haven’t the super star products yet, but still keep on going! I just want to say Thank you so much for all the useful information you provided!

  • Scott you have me addicted to your show and the thought of selling products on Ebay and Amazon. I hope to be able to come on your show one day and at talk about my journey.

  • Hi Scott!
    I am seriously thinking of starting FBA with amazon. I am just gathering information and learning as much as I can from watching youtube videos and reading a lot of blogs.
    Thanks for all the good information in your website I believe this is going to help me a lot.

  • I’ve been selling FBA, very small potatoes, since 2014. I’m all set up with everything but know nothing about private label. I notice some of this material dates back to 2015, Amazon has gone through changes since then. Where should I start with this? Thanks

  • Just discovered you and your podcast Scott! Thank you so much for the amazing resources. I’ve listened to a few of your podcasts already and I’m about to go through this Start Here page. Thank you!

  • Hey Scott, thank you so much for the content!
    I’m new and looking forward starting FBA. I’m located in Europe. Which is the most suitable location for FBA from Europe? UK, USA or Germany or it doesn’t matter? Also, do I need to register a company/set up a business or I can do FBA only with computer and a debit card?

  • Hi Scott,
    I have found a product and received several quotes form suppliers in China. From what I’ve read it doesn’t seem that straightforward just to have them shipped to my location or Amazon. Could you tell me or point me to a podcast about importing, and the logistics such as tariffs and paperwork I would need. I kind of have been operating with the mindset that if I order them from my supplier in China they will magically make it to where they need to be. Or is it that easy?

    Thank you for your time and effort helping all us out.’

    • Hey Kevin, what you want to ask for is DDP shipping, your supplier will work with your shipper then handle everything until it gets to your door, otherwise you would have to naviagte the logistcis web, not usually worth it on your first order.

  • Hey Scott,
    Once Amazon removed incentivized reviews(discount for a review), will you be showing us how to make our item popular without them(only with PPC) ?

    • Hi Scott,
      Thanks so much for your podcasts. I believe it is a life changer for many people. Including me 🙂

      I have two specific question if you could please help with. I researched a bunch of products on Amazon and they met all the criteria and are perfect as to be my product I want to sell. Though,
      2 questions:

      1) The amazon product that met all the criteria. Does it have to be exactly the same product and same brand that I have to get from supplier and sell or can it be a product that is from the same category but different brand?

      2) When looking for suppliers they do not have specific brand I am looking for (the one i researched on amazon and the one that met all criteria). What to do in this case?

      Thanks a lot,

        • Scott,

          Thanks a lot for your response. 🙂 I meant by “brand” for example I found a kitchen pan “Tefal” brand but suppliers do not sell that specific “tefal” brand, so does it mean I can choose any type of other pan or it has to be specifically “tefal” since research was made on that specific one and it that met all the criteria? Thanks a lot again

          • Hi Scott,
            Can I listen to your podcasts and apply all those rules to selling in Canada? I found a perfect product that is booming in Canada but in USA there is too much competition for it. Please let me know. Thanks a lot again

          • Hey Alina, for the most part they will apply, the thing to keep in mind is that demand on the canadian side is also only about 1/10th of what you have on the .com side here in the us

          • Got you. I think I will start then searching all over again on US market. I signed up for live podcast on Thursday 🙂 I wanna get really successful with this. Thanks a lot for amazing opportunity. The universe will love you 🙂

  • Hi Scott!
    just two question how do i ship the product from the supplier to amazon warehouse and what i need to make sure that the shipment will be accepted by amazon? (like putting UPC on each box of product)

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