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I’m Scott Voelker, creator of The Amazing Seller Podcast and Blog. If you’re new to the world of Amazon FBA Selling and Private Labeling, this page is for you! It contains the information you need to get up to speed quickly and start your own Amazon FBA Business!

I've been selling on Amazon since October 22nd, 2014 and I share my story on TAS Episode #2.

– How Scott Went From Zero to $40K in 90 days

I wanted to document my entire process and decided to create individual episodes that discuss step by step details to outline each step.

Update: I recently launched a NEW Brand in April of 2017 to prove the process still works and to generate another revenue stream. After 12 months we have surpassed 6 figures and plan to build this into a 7 figure brand over the next 12 months.

The 5 Steps To Start Selling Online

Step 1

The 5 Step Roadmap Series to Launch Private Label Products on Amazon (Overview)

Step 2

Part 2 – The 3 Step Formula for Finding Products and the 10x10x1 Strategy

Step 3

PL Part 3 – How to Find Suppliers and Source Your Products                 

Step 4

PL Part 4 – Listing Creation and Pre-Launch for a Successful Launch

Step 5

PL Part 5 – Launch and Promotions to Get sales and RANK   

NEW: After publishing the 5 part series, I received requests to put together training for just finding products. So, I decided to start from scratch and document the entire process in this NEW training.

If you're interested…check out the details below.

Product Discovery Bootcamp – I created this training to teach how to find low competitive products and build a BRAND. You will look over my shoulder as I start from scratch to find a market and then discover 3 to 5 products that will be sold. This training will help you discover YOUR market and find products that you can sell within your BRAND.

For more details…watch this short video here.

Resources and Tools I Use in My Businesses

There's Resources and Tools I discuss and share in the podcast. I've created a page that has all of them listed.

Click Here to check out the Resource page

Don't Get Overwhelmed!

One of the things I see many new sellers struggle with is information overload. Don't get sidetracked with all the shiny objects you see. If you follow these simple 6 steps, you will be well on your way to selling your first Private Label product on Amazon.

As always, you can leave me a question here on the blog.

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  • Hi Scott, I have 10-15K to invest into a Trial amazon Private Label FBA store, i already source products from China, i have been following Ryan Daniel Moran from Freedom Fastlane, i gather the concepts he teaches are very similar to your methods and processes etc. Basically i want to make a start on this ASAP, but need to know which mentor to use for the whole process.

    I want to be able to go through the process Step by Step so both myself and my wife can do this at the same time

    I run an already successful business here in Australia called Lovett Industries but i want to put some money forward to try the Private Label FBA concept.

    Ultimately, i want to get my beautiful wife into buying and selling and i feel this would be the perfect way to trial a new business model without losing too much money if it all falls in a heap.

    Also i see that Amazon will be opening warehousing in Australia during 2017 which can work for me as i can start listing my current products and doing FBA here in Australia, as private warehousing and logistics here in Australia is very expensive, and i feel Amazon will have cheaper warehousing and better access to more cost effective logistics.

  • Hi Scott, is it possible to sell on amazon if I live in Australia? What would be the process/best way to get started with this if I live in Australia

  • Hey Scott
    Would love to start up the Amazon business from the Uk selling on the US Market. Looking for some product ideas that i can private label i.e. source from China.
    Can you help and do you offer 1-2-1 if so what cost pls

  • Hello Scott,

    I’m having my own brand, website and a quite good marking for my own products.I’m planning to put them up for sale on Amazon for the first time.

    Unfortunately, there is already around 15 000 similar products online. But just a very few of them have the same quality as mine. Do you think I have chance to sell some and reach to the first pages results. How long that could take?

    Thank you for your very helpful podcast!


  • Hi Scott!
    This is the page that I send newbies to when asked how to get started on Amazon. Have you updated the “Six steps to start selling on Amazon” to reflect the big changes in TOS? If not, maybe you could put some links to the posts or episodes that deal with the updated ways to launch, etc….
    Thanks for your mission….you are a great guy!

  • I currently have 500 units (125 boxes) that just arrived in the US at my freight forwarders warehouse. I bought my UPC from GS1 and have my FNSKU assigned to me in my Amazon account. My units do not have the UPC barcodes on them currently and I am wanting Amazon to apply the FNSKU for me for the .20 cents per unit that they offer. I’m wondering now if I needed to add the UPC barcode (overlooked this in the inspection) to each of the units in order for Amazon to do this for me. Do I need to have some sort of UPC on my units in order for Amazon to put the FNSKU on for me or can I put something like the ASIN on each individual box so they know to label them for me?

    • Hey Cole, each unit should have a scannable barcode (either FNSKU or UPC). At this point, it might make the most sense to just label them with the FNSKU, since you’re going to want to get them labeled anyway, that way you don’t end up doubling up your costs when Amazon labels over your UPC with the FNSKU.

  • Dear Scott!
    Thank you for your great channel….I have a question concerning Longtail Keywords in the Backend of Amazon.

    Shell I connect them with a +….for example garlic+press+for+men so Amazon knows these words belong together or is it ok to just leave a blank space between the words?

    Thank you for your advice 🙂

  • Hi Scott, and thanks for being so helpful to so many people. Answering our questions is very appreciated!
    I’ve sent Amazon the invoices I got from my Chinese supplier, including all the details Amazon requires and more (company name and address, the brand name, UPC, quantity, etc.). It shows even that it has been paid and shipped, but I keep being rejected (7 times, also “final” twice). My questions:
    1) What can I do better?
    2) Since they announce that they don’t take invoices from retailers or online, I can not go to regular shops (CVS, Dollar Store etc.). Am I right?
    3) If #2 is true, what other sources can I go to?
    4) Can I sell my items in another way? can I go to another category, even if it does not fit?
    Thanks a bunch!

    • Hey Hita, double check your invoices, make sure they are commercial invoices and that all of the information matches EXACTLY withwhat you have on file with Amazon. You may also want to checkout episode 212 to make sure you’re not missing anything else.

      • Hi Scott,

        I checked episode 212 as you recommended, and I’m sure I submitted the category approval details as required. I am still getting rejections, saying they can not verify the supplier (a long-time Alibaba merchant whose products are already on the same category on Amazon).
        Question #1: the name on the invoice that I send to Amazon should be the name of my registered FBA company OR the name of the registered brand, OR both?
        Question #2: until I can I get the category approval, can I sell on another one and move later to the denied category?
        Many thanks for your help! I am SO frustrated from getting rejections and I already losing the holiday sales 🙁

        • Hey Hita, the information you submit should match EXACTLY with what is inside your account. If you have a product that fits in more than one category you can do that, just keep in mind that amazon may think it belongs in the gated category and move it without letting you know in advance.

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