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I’m Scott Voelker, creator of The Amazing Seller Podcast and Blog. If you’re new to the world of Amazon FBA Selling and Private Labeling, this page is for you! It contains the information you need to get up to speed quickly and start your own Amazon FBA Business!

I've been selling on Amazon since October 22nd, 2014 and I share my story on TAS Episode #2.

– How Scott Went From Zero to $40K in 90 days

I wanted to document my entire process and decided to create individual episodes that discuss step by step details to outline each step.

Update: I recently launched a NEW Brand in April of 2017 to prove the process still works and to generate another revenue stream. After 12 months we have surpassed 6 figures and plan to build this into a 7 figure brand over the next 12 months.

The 5 Steps To Start Selling Online

Step 1

The 5 Step Roadmap Series to Launch Private Label Products on Amazon (Overview)

Step 2

Part 2 – The 3 Step Formula for Finding Products and the 10x10x1 Strategy

Step 3

PL Part 3 – How to Find Suppliers and Source Your Products                 

Step 4

PL Part 4 – Listing Creation and Pre-Launch for a Successful Launch

Step 5

PL Part 5 – Launch and Promotions to Get sales and RANK   

NEW: After publishing the 5 part series, I received requests to put together training for just finding products. So, I decided to start from scratch and document the entire process in this NEW training.

If you're interested…check out the details below.

Product Discovery Bootcamp – I created this training to teach how to find low competitive products and build a BRAND. You will look over my shoulder as I start from scratch to find a market and then discover 3 to 5 products that will be sold. This training will help you discover YOUR market and find products that you can sell within your BRAND.

For more details…watch this short video here.

Resources and Tools I Use in My Businesses

There's Resources and Tools I discuss and share in the podcast. I've created a page that has all of them listed.

Click Here to check out the Resource page

Don't Get Overwhelmed!

One of the things I see many new sellers struggle with is information overload. Don't get sidetracked with all the shiny objects you see. If you follow these simple 6 steps, you will be well on your way to selling your first Private Label product on Amazon.

As always, you can leave me a question here on the blog.

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  • Hi Scott,
    would you ever consider to “private coach” people that you would believe have what it takes to make a big Amazon business in return of some equity in the business? Like an investment of time vs. a possible good payout?

    Just finished your book, pretty good stuff, now starting with all the podcasts.

  • Hey Scott – FBA newbie here, re: podcast 269 “Is Private Label Dead,” blocking of incentivized reviews. Is my understanding correct?

    – More speed bump than a STOP sign if your follow-up sequence has always been the same across the board
    – the shift is really how we boost rankings on launch to get that base set of reviews correct? To do this, we could consider discounting/promos to get sales? it might just be slower to boost rankings initially on a new product with this new rule

  • Hi Scott. Thank you for your time and info. I’m 39 and I’m a nurse. I don’t have a business background at all but I’m interested in this and what it has to offer. Im ready to take action. Do you suggest that I have a biz experience first? Can anyone with a blank slate do this and succeed? Thanks

  • Hi, Scott, besides reviews, what are other ways to tell whether a product msarket is too compatetive? How many private sellers for one product is considered too many? Thanks

    • Hey Yuan, as long as there are sales, the number of sellers amounting to “too many” doesn’t exist, as long as the reviews numbers look good and there is depth in the market. Remember the top5-10 are going to be selling the most so if you can compete with them the other sellers are irrelevant.

  • I have received 4 different 1-star seller reviews; they talk about bad product or not what I wanted. I also have a 3-star review that says “Loved it” but they only left 3 stars. Is there a way to get these reviews taken off of my seller review page, if so how do I do it?

    • Hey Rick you generally can’t get reviews removed. If you’re talking about seller feedback, you can contact amazon and let them know that you have product reviews in your seller feedback and they will remove them.

  • Hi Scott, I’m a seventeen-year-old student looking at starting amazon in the UK, Any advice you can give me since I’m very new to this. I am just starting to listen to your podcasts but I want to take action as soon as possible.

  • Hey Scott, loving your stuff. I picked my first product already and it’s been less than 2 weeks. Tons of research and thought goes into this. There is one step here that is missing (between step 2 and 3) shipping from supplier to FBA shipping centers OR shipping to yourself from the supplier and then shipping to amazon. Trying to figure this out but that would be a huge help to understand the process all the way through. Thanks for all you are doing to help people like me get started.

    • I agree, this is where I’m getting stuck too! I hope you get a response and we can be given some helpful pointers.

      • I’m a little confused as to where you two are stuck, help me help you! The process goes like this, order the product have it shipped to you (and you send it to amazon) or send it directly to amazon. Let me know where I’m losing you and I’ll jump back in 🙂

  • Hey, Scott
    I’ve been listening to you podcast for a couple of months, and Amazon has made a few policy changes. If I were to start within the next few months, would you still advise me to use the same six steps to start … are there other changes I’ve missed that might alter the 6 steps of getting started

  • Hi Scott! My name is Gabriel, I am from Austria and a big fan of your podcast.
    I have a question concerning Reviews:

    Amazon wrote in their todays press release that they ban incentivized reviews tied to free or discounted products.
    Have you got any ideas how to deal with this new Guidelines?

    Thanks for your answer!
    Best regards gabriel 🙂

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