RYB931: I Created My Digital Product…Now What? Jam Session

By Scott Voelker •  Updated: 01/08/21 •  9 min read

Welcome to this Friday’s jam session. As always, this is by far one of the highlights of my week. I always look forward to hanging out with some incredible people and answering some great questions. To participate, head over to takeactioncrew.com. It’s totally free, and we’d love to have you join us. You’ll have your questions answered. Learn all about how to start and grow your business. 

One thing I like to do in each jam session is to talk about questions that have come up during the week or that I’ve had multiple people express interest in. 

Today we’re going to talk about what next steps to take once you’ve created your digital product. In the past few weeks, we’ve talked all about building an email list and creating your first digital product, but what happens once you’ve finished it. 

If you’ve already gone through and launched your digital to your email list, that’s great news! I’m going to walk you through three different areas that you should focus on once you’ve created your digital product and are on your way to promoting it. 

As a shameless plug: Interested in creating a digital product snd haven’t done so. I encourage you to take our Digital Product Creation Fast Track course. Chris and I walk you through step-by-step.

How to come up with the idea for your digital product, how to outline/map it out, how to create it, and how to get your first sale. It’s much easier than you might think, especially when you have someone walking you through each step.

Let’s get right to learning how to promote your digital product once you create it.

Step 1: Send Your New Digital Product to Your Audience 

Start by asking yourself where you can get additional eye-balls on your new digital product? If you’re already in the process of building your email list, here’s what I want you to understand. Once you have a piece of real estate that will allow you to start advertising your digital product, it’ll only take a few minutes to do so. 

When someone heads over to opt-in to your lead magnet, subscribers will be sent to a thank you page. The very first place that you want to advertise your digital product is on that thank you page. When you are a person has signed up, they’ll be taken to a thank you page. This includes a special offer for your digital product.

To increase sales, you’ll want to include a special offer if they make a purchase directly off the thank you page. This will provide them with an incentive for making a purchase. 

If you have a lead magnet that is converting at 25%-35% and have a thank you page, there is no reason that you shouldn’t immediately implement your digital product as soon as it’s finished and ready to go. If you see good results with your lead magnet, take the time to optimize your thank you to include your product so you can take advantage of that traffic. 

Note that if your lead magnet isn’t relevant to your digital magnet, this process won’t work. So you need to ensure that they are directly related to seeing optimal results. 

From there, if you don’t already have some type of popup or banner set up on your website, that’s an easy place to put a promotion for your digital product. It’s super simple but will make sure that additional people see it who may not be signed up for your emails. 

When someone sees your lead magnet and opts in, they will be sent to a thank you page. You’ll include your special offer on your digital magnet. From there, you can also use your email list to increase sales of your digital guide.

Let people know once it’s live, and you could also do a deadline email sequence. This will give people access to a special deal on your digital product for a limited time, and you’ll send emails throughout the entirety of the promotion to continue to drive traffic. 

Step #2: Create Content Related to Your Digital Product 

When you create evergreen content on your website, it will live on. If you post to your blog, YouTube, social media, etc., it will always be searchable and easy to find. There are different ways you can mention your products within your content without coming across as spammy. Just make sure to include content about topics directly related to your products, so it’s natural when you mention your own digital product.

Step 3: Use Paid Traffic to Drive People to Your Digital Product

This step is optional. It really just depends on the system you have set up if this is an effective solution or not. If you are driving paid traffic to your website and only have one product that you sell for $10, it may be challenging to make money or even break even.

In order to see a profit, you need to have additional things in the pipeline. You should always be thinking one step ahead about what you’ll do in the future and what product you can create next. Should you run paid traffic, you have to make sure that you’re making money or breaking even early on to make it worth your time. 

Once you’ve created a digital product, consider creating a “bump” or “add-on” next. When someone is checking out to purchase your product, you will offer them an additional product directly related to your digital product. Sometimes it’s easier just to create that bump and add a little extra to a person’s order. 

If you already have a digital product, these are the areas I would focus on. If you haven’t created your first digital product yet, I highly suggest that you head over to brandcreators.com/digital and sign up for my digital product course. You’ll learn how to create and sell your own product. It’s only three hours long, and it’s broken up into bite-sized pieces making it easier for you to take action and get it done. 

Coffee Talk Q&A

Q: If your leads are coming from FB ads, is it ok to add the offer on my thank you page? 

A: Yes, it’s ok to put the offer on your thank you page as well. It’s not a hardcore sell, so it should be ok. You are providing them with something of value for free before selling them anything, so it should work just fine. 

Q: Should I wait to run FB ads?

A: No, I wouldn’t wait. Just dial back the budget if needed. In your niche, the price might not be that expensive per lead. I wouldn’t be so focused on the cost per lead as long as you’re driving traffic to your sign-up and building your email list in the process. 

Q: What other ways can you quickly test a lead magnet besides running Facebook ads?

A: You could also post it in an active Facebook group and see if you could get some feedback from there. 

Q: Should everyone have a membership site?

A: I personally don’t recommend it. There is a lot more to that than there is to slowly build out your brand. You could simplify it and come up with a membership that you could offer people. There is a lot of research that needs to be done before you commit to it. I would rather you start with a small digital product, build an email list, and build rapport.

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