RYB 974: New Monday Mindset Series (Play The Game)

By Scott Voelker •  Updated: 04/19/21 •  9 min read

Welcome back to another session of the podcast. I am so happy to have you here! As always, thanks so much for joining and always being here to support me as well! Today I’ve got something really special planned and am so excited to share it with you. 

From now on, we’re going to be trying something a little different for our Monday sessions, called Monday mindset. I’ve put a lot of time and thought into this, and I hope that you find it helpful. It’s going to be a short morning dose of motivation that will help you kick your week off on a high note.

You’ll be able to have some time to clear your brain, reset and get fully recharged so you can take on the week and get things done! I really want to be able to help you get fired up and ready to crush your goals and the coming week, so I hope that you find these new sessions helpful. 

As a reminder, if you’d ever like to join us live at 10 am on Mondays for our new Monday mindset sessions, it’s super easy. All you have to do is head over to takeactioncrew.com to become a part of our regular morning crew. It’s totally free, and we always have a blast. So what are you waiting for? Join us live and meet some incredible people who are on their own journey to starting their own brand. 

How To Get Your Head In The Game 

When you start a business, it’s essential that you understand the importance of learning how to get your head in the game and staying in the game. This is the only way that you will be able to learn, grow and make progress over time. If you’re not willing to put in the hard work and actually try things out, you will never see progress no matter how hard you try. 

I get asked all the time why I am always fired up and ready to take action. The main reason is that I feel so grateful for the life that I am able to live and the chances that I have to learn and grow.

I am so grateful for the opportunities that I have every day and for the chance that I have to get back up and try things again when something does go as planned. I never give up, even when things get hard. There are times when I have to try something different, but I never fail because I never give up. 

I do understand that it can be so easy to get frustrated when things get hard. There are going to be times when you’re ready to give up and move on to something else entirely. Especially other shiny objects that look like a better opportunity than what you’re currently working on. 

However, this is not the best approach if you’re looking for positive results. I really want you to be able to identify if you’re currently in the game or if you’re standing on the sidelines right now. Until you get into the game, you won’t know how something will work. You won’t learn if you don’t try something and until you the results. It’s important to actually go out and take action so you can learn and improve from your mistakes. 

I also think it’s very important that you spend some time watching and analyzing your competition and learn from them. The best way to do this is to get in the trenches, try things out and see how you can improve it based on what your competition is doing. 

Learn From Your Competition

I want to share an example of this with you from my own life. Last week my family and I went to a beach volleyball tournament where my daughter and son played in a co-ed tournament. They didn’t win the whole thing, but they had so much fun and learned a lot in the process. I also really enjoyed being able to watch them play.

My son has never played an official game before, but he is a great athlete. He thought that he would be able to play decent because he’s good at sports. However, on day one, he didn’t do very well, but as he continued to play over the next couple of days, he got better. My daughter is also improving her own game as she plays in more tournaments and learns from her competition. This is one of the best ways that she is able to improve. 

I want you to take this example and relate it back to your own business and life. For example, let’s say that you’re focused on starting to create content for your business if your goal is to create regular evergreen content, you have to start creating content. This means that after you’ve found your topic and keywords, you have to get to work. 

You can’t hold off on publishing your content because you’re worried that it’s not ready for people to see. I’ll tell you that if you wait, other people in your niche will start to post their own content and will start getting traffic to their site while you are standing by on the sidelines. They will get better as they go and learn from their mistake, and you can do the same if you’re ready to take action and go ahead and post your content. 

This type of problem is also very common for people who have an email list. They are too afraid to send regular content in fear that they might offend someone on their list or they just don’t have anything to send out.

This is one of the biggest mistakes that you could be making. If you have a list, I need you to start sending out regular emails. You can’t stand by on the sidelines, afraid to send regular content out. Because you won’t get anywhere! You have to send people something. There is no reason not to send this something.

I want to see you get in the game and get started. Over time, you will be able to learn as you go, and your emails will get better. Trust me. It’s time to get in the game and go from there. You will not regret it. 

Ask Yourself This One Question 

Are you in the game? Are you actively playing and taking action when it comes to your brand? If you’re not, it’s ok. It’s not the end of the world. There is always time for you to get in the game and get started. This is a great time for you to start taking action. Once you do, you will learn, grown, and improve over time, but you can’t do that if you don’t get started. 

I just need you not to be afraid of failure. Like I’ve said so many times before, there is no such thing as failure as long as you continue to get back up and try again when things are difficult. It’s going to work out, and even when you do make mistakes, you’re going to become better because of them. 

If you are in the game, that is great! Stay in the game and continue pushing forward. You have to practice in order to get better, so don’t give up! I want you to see the results that you’ve been working so hard for.

I hope that this conversation helped you. Now, I want you to get in the game and stop sitting on the sidelines. I promise that when you get in the game, you’re going to learn, and things will start to come easier than they did when you first started. Also, remember that things take time. That’s why you have to get started.

As always, I am here for you, I believe in you, and I am waiting for you. Now, it’s time for you to learn from what we’ve discussed today and take action and go rock your own brand. Trust me. Once you get in the game you’re going to be so grateful that you did! 

Thanks For Tuning in!

“Remember, I'm here for you, I believe in you, and I'm rooting for you! Now it's time for you to take action and go rock your brand”! 

Take-Aways From Today’s Episode

  1. How To Get You Head In The Game (2:17)
  2. Learn From Your Competition (5:10)
  3. Ask Yourself This One Question (10:50)


You have to get in the game and stay in the game. 

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