RYB 970: When Should I Start Using Facebook Ads To Promote My Products? Jam Session

By Scott Voelker •  Updated: 04/09/21 •  9 min read

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Today we’re going to be talking about a topic that I get asked about a lot. We’re going to talk all about when you should use Facebook ads for your business. Plus, the best approach to take. I’ve seen so many people make big mistakes regarding their Facebook ads over the years. I am glad that I’m finally able to talk about this with you on a deeper level. So, let’s get right to it!

The Best Time to Use Facebook Ads (2:46)

A lot of people get really anxious or excited to use Facebook ads for their business. They just run with it. However, you have to have a plan in place before you take action.

The very first step you should take is to get really clear about your goals. Also, why you want to drive traffic to your website. Take some time to write this down and really have a good plan in place before you put any money into it.

For example, if you’re just starting a brand from scratch with little to no content. You don’t have a product yet. You could still use Facebook ads, but there is a clear strategy behind it. It’s an excellent way to start to grow your email list, especially when you’re just starting out and may not have anyone on your list yet.

The goal, in this case, is to grow your email list as an asset that you can use in the long term. In my email course, we teach people how to use Facebook ads to grow their email list to 500 subscribers within 30 days. It’s actually much easier than you might think.

Once you have an email list built up you can start to build relationships with the people on your list and get to know their needs and wants. It’s a great way to ask questions and see how you can best serve your audience. However, you can’t do any of those things if you don’t have an email list.

Another thing I want you to keep in mind is that there is a time and place to use Facebook ads. I wouldn’t recommend using them all the time. Especially when you’re first starting out. If you’re on a budget and money is tight, I would pause your ads once you’ve hit between 500 – 1000 subscribers at least until you’re able to recoup some of your money and have a product to sell.

If you have money to spend, then you could easily continue running ads for $10-$20 a day if you want, but from what I’ve seen, most people want to keep expenses as low as possible to start.  

The key is to decide what is best for your business and, like I said earlier, identify your goals. The goal is to drive traffic while being able to capture a person’s email address. I cannot stress enough the importance of making sure that the flow you create for this process is clear and concise.

If it’s not, you’re going to have a hard time converting your audience. If you’re converting at two to three percent, you’re killing it. That means that if 100 people see the ad for your service or product and two people purchase it, you’re doing well. However, you also have to know if you were able to break even or not.

That’s a huge mistake that I see a lot of people make. They are so focused on getting clicks but don’t always analyze how much each of those clicks cost and their margin on their products. In the end, they’re actually losing a lot of money without even realizing it.

The first thing you need to do is get very clear on your numbers to make sure you’re actually making money. It’s as simple as sitting down with a piece of paper and writing down all your expenses and how much each click is costing you. It doesn’t have to be too complicated, but it is important. From there, you’ll be able to better make educated decisions about how much to spend on Facebook ads.

The Big Facebook Mistake to Avoid (9:17)

You can absolutely promote products and services from 3rd party platforms, but there is definitely a right way to go about it. If I was using Facebook ads to drive traffic to a 3rd party platform similar to Etsy, Amazon, or Etsy, there is a specific way I would drive traffic there. If you don’t have a strategy, you’re going to lose money. You have to build a digital funnel, and I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, let me walk you through it step by step.

The biggest Facebook ad mistake that I see most often is when people send their traffic directly to 3rd party platforms. You want to avoid doing this at all costs unless you’re willing to lose money. What I mean by this is when someone promotes a product using Facebook ads and drives their traffic directly to the product on a 3rd party platform. This is a huge mistake, but why?

To start you have to make sure you know exactly who you’re targeting and to make sure you’re reaching the right people. You do have a better chance of selling if your targeted group is correct. However, that’s only part of it.

My advice is to capture the email to get more chances. It’s important to collect a person’s email in the process for the best chance of converting them into a sale down the road. All you’re doing is intercepting the direct path to the 3rd party platform.

When someone clicks on your Facebook ad, you will drive them to a landing page with an email capture promoting a coupon for your product. You’re going to gain more people that you can follow up with later on and make sure you see sales in the future. If you didn’t capture emails, the people would visit your product page and bounce, and you’d have no way to reach out to them at a later date. This makes sure you’re able to reach people who signal that they are interested in your products.

Why You Need an Email List for Your Brand (13:29)

I’m here to tell you that the money is in the follow-up. If you’re able to send out emails, you’re going to make more money in your business. Everyone who has an email list with the right people will have a much better chance of selling their products or services.  

Once you’ve captured a person’s email, you could also add a Facebook pixel to your landing page. This means that even if someone doesn’t give you their email list, they will be added to a custom Facebook audience. This will allow you to send more targeted ads to this new list who you know have been interested in the past.

People are going to be much more willing to give you their email address when you’re giving them something in return. That’s why I recommend promoting a discount so people can use the code to purchase your product on the 3rd party site you’re using. You can even follow up with people who haven’t used their discount and remind them to purchase. The possibilities are endless once you have an email list in place.

Another mistake I see people making is that they are running their ads as engagement ads. Instead, you need to run conversation ads if you want people to take action. Like I said before, it’s important to have a plan in place for the best success.

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Take-Aways From Today’s Podcast

  1. The Best Time to Use Facebook Ads (2:46)
  2. The Big Facebook Mistake to Avoid (9:17)
  3. Why You Need an Email List for Your Brand (13:29)


Capture the email, get more chances.

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