RYB 952 What Should I Start? Podcast or Youtube or Blog First? Jam Session

Welcome to this week’s session of our Friday jam session. It’s always one of the highlights of my week, and I am so glad you’re here. I enjoy hanging out with some incredible people every week and answer some great questions. 

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This is going to be a great session. Today we’re going to be talking about a question that I get asked all the time. Should you start a podcast, YoutTube channel, Pinterest, etc.? What is the best place for you to start when you’re growing your own brand? I’m going to share all my thoughts with you and go through every platform and tell you which ones I think you should spend most of your time and energy on. I’ll also share with you what platforms I prefer to spend most of my own time on. 

Use Evergreen Content To Build Your Brand 

You need to create assets that are evergreen. This means that if you’re going to spend time working on something, you don’t want it to be a one-off deal. Most social media platforms are not considered evergreen. Once you post something, it’s gone within a day or two and isn’t easily searchable. 

You should focus your time on “search” platforms. Next, You want people to be able to easily search and find your content months or even years from now. You want to take the content from your social media and create evergreen content from it. This could be done by writing blog posts, videos, etc. It’s much easier than you might think. 

Is Starting a Podcast Right For You?

Podcasts are a little different and fall into their own category. People don’t always search for specific topics when they’re looking for a podcast to listen to. That doesn’t happen as often as someone landing on an episode or a podcast and then finding related podcasts. That’s the key to grow when you’re creating a podcast. You should also consider being a guest on other podcasts so you can spread the word and get your name out there. 

I would not recommend starting your brand with a podcast. Instead, I would use it as a tool to grow your brand and connect with your audience. It’s a way to connect with someone else and transfer your methodology, thoughts, and expertise through your voice. Most time, people are listening for 15 minutes to an hour, depending on how long your podcast episode is. It’s powerful to hold someone’s attention for that long. 

However, it really will depend on the niche that you’re in. Whatever you choose, you to have to be consistent and be prepared to stick with it. I’ve done 950 podcast episodes, and I have never failed to publish one. I show up every week and get them done no matter what I have going on in my life. You have to make a commitment, even if it’s a micro commitment. You can’t do everything at once, so just start with one platform to focus on and go from there. Take it one step at a time to see the most progress. 

For me, podcasting comes first because it’s my main vehicle to connect with my audience. However, it’s going to be different for everyone. You can always bolt on another platform once you’ve started to grow your brand out. You don’t have to stick with just one. It’s just important to choose one to start so you can take it one step at a time. Again there isn’t a right or wrong answer, as long as you pick one and stick with it. I do this by creating a schedule. It allows me to stay motivated and ensure that I stay committed to getting things done. 

Coffee Talk Q&A 

Q: Do you need two accounts on ConvertKit if you have two brands?

A: You don’t have to, but it is much easier to manage. You can create multiple email profiles, and you can segment if you prefer to only have one. However, if you have two different brands, you can create two free accounts and upgrade to the paid version when needed. It’s going to allow you to keep everything much more organized with less effort. 

Q: Should I create several micro pieces of content from podcast episodes? 

A: It’s a lot of work, and I don’t usually do it. I will create show notes for each podcast, though. I just haven’t found it to be worth creating lots of social media posts and other pieces of content from every episode. It means that I have built out every platform and continue to spend a lot of time engaging on that particular platform, and personally, I just don’t have time for that.

Q: What program are you using for podcasting?

A: One of the things I use right now is a Sony Q 5100 camera. The program I use is Streamyard, and it costs $50 a month. It allows me to record within their server, and I can push it to Facebook live and YouTube. It makes the entire process so easy and saves me so much time. I also use Camlink. It’s a little device that codes the video before it downloads onto the computer. So, it provides a high-quality video. If you’re going live streaming, you’ll want to have a dedicated place you can record every day, so you don’t have to set up every time you want to record.  

Q: When you record Facebook Live Videos and post to YouTube does it perform as well?

A: No, it doesn’t. I haven’t been able to crack the code on YouTube yet. It can be very tricky, but I do still stay consistent at posting all my videos there. However, I would recommend that you record videos specifically for YouTube if that’s important to your brand. However, don’t get hung up on the numbers. Even if you’re only getting a few hundred people to watch your videos and you still get quality clients, that is all that matters. It’s all about building a relationship. It’s not about the numbers.

Q: Why did you start your podcast?

A: There is no secret that I don’t like writing. I like talking much better. It’s easier to explain myself. I was nervous when I started my own podcast. However, I was able to overcome that by hanging out with amazing people in my community. 

I was able to let my insecurities go. It was much easier for me to record myself than to write content. Part of me wanted to have a podcast. I wanted to be a rockstar when I was younger, and I have always enjoyed being in front of an audience. This is my happy place, and I enjoy not having to read a script. I like being able to go with the flow. 

Q: Do you transcribe your videos to blog posts?

A: Now I have someone who transcribes my podcasts. They go through and write a detailed description of the episode, so it’s easy for people to go through and read it if they’d like. That’s part of the production process. I also have someone who edits the audio and video. Now I’m at the place that all I have to do is record the video. In the beginning, I was doing everything on my own until I could afford to outsource it. 

Q: Would you consider email a social platform? 

A: Email is not a social platform, but it’s by far my favorite. When I write an email, I can hit send and reach out to everyone that wants to get stuff from me immediately. I don’t think it’ll ever stop being my favorite way to communicate with my audience. Email is amplifying your content.

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Take-Aways From Today’s Episode 

  1. Use Evergreen Content To Build Your Brand (2:01) 
  2. Is Starting a Podcast Right For You? (6:50)
  3. Coffee Talk Q&A (13:56)

Today's Quote:

“You should focus your time on “search” platforms. You want people to be able to easily search and find your content months or even years from now”.

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