RYB 929 3 Steps To Find and Validate Your NICHE in 2021

Today I'm going to share with you all about how to validate your niche in 2021. I'm going to make it easy by walking through the three steps to properly validate your niche. You may have questions about your market and want to make sure that it's worth your time and energy, and I'm here to help make that possible. Or, if you're looking to stand out in a competitive niche, this will be helpful too. I'm going to help you narrow down and find the niche that is best for you and make sure you're putting time and energy into a good market. 

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How to Validate Your Niche 

I want to make it crystal clear what it will take to discover a good niche and how to validate that it's actually a good niche. It's easy to think about all the niches that you want to go into to, but the key is to take the time to validate it and make sure that it's worth your time. We're going to over the three-step process of how to do that today. 

Once you validate, you need to figure out how to come out confident on the other end and get ready to move forward. That once you know that if you put in the time and effort into this that there is a good chance that you'll make a profitable and successful brand.

First Step: The Discovery Process 

When it comes to discovering what type of niche to write about, there are three types for you to consider: 

  1. Your Hobbies: if you have something you enjoy doing, can you turn that into a brand? Start thinking about all the things that you enjoy doing daily and if that could be turned into a business. This can be something that you truly enjoy. In fact, that will make it easier for you to create content and help keep you motivated. You just need to make sure that it's worth it and that there is money to be had in that niche. You'll also know more about the subject than if it wasn't a hobby, and it will help drive your motivation and encourage you to keep moving forward. 
  2. Your Interests: Think about something that you're interested in learning more about. You can learn along the way while making a brand out of it. This doesn't have to be something you've tried before as long as you're interested in it. 
  3. Expertise: There is probably something right now that you get asked about on a regular basis because your family, friends, and colleagues know that you have expertise in that field. You can teach others about that specific topic. This will make it easier to get started because you'll already have plenty of content to create and can easily start with the basics. This will be much easier if you have an interest in the topic, but that doesn't mean you can't do it if you aren't interested in it. 

You have to identify a niche before you can do anything else. You'll quickly discover that there are hundreds of different sub-niches out there, so there is always room for everyone that wants to start a brand. It's just about finding the right one for you. 

Step Two: ValidateTraffic 

Now that you have a niche insight, that doesn't mean that it's going to work. Now you have to validate that the niche has the potential to grow and expand. You need to ask yourself if you're planning to replace your current income or just planning to create a brand on the side. This will matter when you're making sure that there is a path in that niche for your targeted income. 

Without traffic, you're not going to make any money, because there will be no one to buy it. The traffic numbers and the potential of the traffic will help you gauge percentages to see how much reach you can get and how much money you could make. It's important to see that there is enough traffic and other people in the niche already. You don't want to be the only one within that niche. It's actually a good thing to make sure that other brands/people have become before you and have seen success. Ask yourself how you can level up and get some of that traffic. 

The first question is to ask how much traffic there is within a particular niche. I recommend starting with the free tool, Ubbersuggest. You'll see how many searches are completed for specific keywords each month. 

The goal is to identify websites that are getting good traffic within the niche that you want to go into. Visit these websites to see how much traffic they're getting, and you'll get a good gauge to see what they're doing to be successful. From them, you can get ideas on how to improve and create even better content. 

A question I get all the time is how much traffic does a website need to have to show that they're in a good niche. 

My first goal is to get enough traffic to have an ad network running in the background and making at least a few hundred dollars a month. If I can't get at least 30,000 page views a month, I will move on from that particular niche. If you're struggling to find sites that are getting at least 50,000 searches a month, I would pass. Just be sure to take the time to do some good research with several keywords within your niche. 

From there, you'll head over to YouTube and Pinterest to validate that the traffic is there as well. I always recommend focusing on the evergreen platforms so your content can live on long after you create it. 

I would also go to Facebook and type in keywords/topics related to your niche. Look for Facebook groups and pages to see how many people are in them to get a good sense of how large that market is. I'd also see if there are list building opportunities within your niche. You want to know that you have the potential to build an email list. You can do this by seeing if others in their market are growing a list and how large it is. 

Step Three: Validate Revenue 

If you can't generate revenue, you won't want to put in the time to create a brand. There are three ways you can look to see the future revenue opportunities to make sure you're focusing on the right area. 

  1. Ad Networks: Take notice if the other website within your niche are running ads. If ads are being run, check to see which ad platform they use so you can have a better idea of how much money they're bringing in each month from ads. This is another way to cross-check the number of page views these websites have each month. 
  2. Amazon Products: Are others in your niche using Amazon affiliate links. You can tell if they do when they have product reviews or have an affiliate disclaimer on their website or within a specific blog post. Keep in mind that you won't get a lot of money if you go with Amazon affiliate links. However, it's still money that is coming into its good to implement if you have products you want to promote from Amazon. 
  3. Find Other Affiliate Programs: Are there other brands or products out there in your niche that you could become an affiliate for. This is another good way to make money early on.

Creating a digital product can be done within 30 days as well, so there are plenty of ways to make money early on. However, you have to validate your niche to start to make sure that there is a need for your niche.  

A lot of people tend to get stuck in this process. They want to get started but are worried if it'll work. I have seen that if you put in the time to do your research, you'll have much more success that way. I hope this has helped to give you clarity on how to validate your niche in 2021. This will help you save time and make sure that you focus on a niche that has potential.  

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Take-Aways From Today’s Episode

  1. How to Validate Your Niche (3:10)
  2. First Step: The Discovery Process (7:43) 
  3. Step Two: ValidateTraffic (11:34)
  4. Step Three: Validate Revenue (20:35) 


“It's easy to think about all the niches that you want to go into to, but the key is to take the time to validate it and make sure that it's worth your time”. 


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