RYB 927 (Case Study) Digital Product Launch Update – Strategy Call

Today I decided to share with you a coaching call that I recently did with a member of our Brand Creators Academy. He’s a full-time fireman and is building his brand on the side. He started from scratch and has grown so much in the past year. Now he is producing content on a regular process, has an email list of over 3000 subscribers, and has created a digital product. He did it all within the last year, which is really impressive.

I wanted to get him on to unpack his latest promotion and share with you how he got it all done. He’s now in the process of adding his new product to the backend of his email list. We’ll talk about what went well, what can be approved, and the opportunities that are now available to him because he went ahead and created a digital guide. 

If you’re interested in taking your brand to the next level, head over to brandcreators.com. You’ll have a group of fellow business owners there to help support you as well as myself. All you have to do is fill out a short form, and we’ll reach out when we’re opening up again. 

Now let’s get right to my conversation with Matt and learn about how he built his own brand from scratch. 

The Process of Building a Brand From Scratch 

To start, I knew nothing about building a website. I had to start from scratch and reverse engineered it from there. That worked best for me. By following the Brand Creators Academy program, my brand was really able to take off fairly quickly, and I learned as I went.

It was good to have step-by-step processes and guides to help me along. When I started to see organic traffic coming in, it was so nice to see that all my hard work was finally starting to pay off and that I was figuring these out.

I’ve started to go through the blog posts that are doing the best and working to improve them so they can continue to rank higher. I’ve been apart of Brand Creators for a year, and it’s been such a huge help. For the first two months, I was trying to figure out what niche to focus on so at the beginning, things moved fairly slow.

I had two niches to choose from and ended up choosing the one that I was more passionate about. Which I highly recommend because it helped motivate me to create content. 

How Matt Built His Email List 

Back in June, I hosted a giveaway and got over 3,000 subscribers just from that. After that, I created a lead magnet, and that worked really well. Within two weeks, I added an additional 300 subscribers to my list. The quality of my list is pretty good for a giveaway list.

My average open rate is 24-25% ad has remained pretty steady in the past three months. I’m emailing my list once a week, always on a Tuesday, and sending it to the unopened list on Thursday. I like to keep it consistent and send it on the same day each week, so people know when to expect to hear from me. 

How Matt Created His First Digital Product 

When it came to creating a digital product, I thought about what I would want as a mountain biker myself. The posts that I put together focused on bike maintenance. I decided to take the content from those posts and turn it into a nice guide. It saved a lot of time because I had a foundation to start with and didn’t have to create additional content from scratch. 

I actually used the “naked” email method. Next, I asked my email list what type of content they were looking for in the niche. I had over 50 people respond to me, which surprised meme. However, I didn’t give them an incentive to get back to me, so I was blown away by the response.

Then, I also got 30-40 new content ideas that I can use moving forward, and it also helped me figure out what my first digital guide would be about. A lot of the responses were the same, which helped me know what my audience was looking for within the niche. 

The next seven posts that I did were all part of the guide that I created. I put them together and made a few edits. After that, I let people know that I had created an all-inclusive guide that they could buy with all of the content in one place. I will admit that at first, I was worried that people wouldn’t want to pay for content they could get on my website. So, I figured I had nothing to lose, so I moved forwards with the process, and it ended up working well. 

I emailed my list before the initial product launch to get my list prepared and help to get them excited. I was hoping that I would be able to sell at least five. Therefore, I did want to remain realistic. Within three hours, I had sold nine guides! Then, I sold it through ConvertKit eCommerce, and it worked very well.

I was blown away and was wondering what would happen next. I sent a fresh email two days later and sold another seven that day. So, I set this up to be a five-day promotion. I was sending a lot of emails during that week, and now, I am starting to think that I should send more emails each week because there was such a positive response. 

On the last day of my promotion, I sent two emails. Right off the bat, I got another seven sales. I sent my second email that day at 5 pm and sold another four. The final total from the entire promotion was 29 guides sold. A few people hat purchased I knew, so it wasn’t all organic traffic, but it was still a successful launch, especially for my first.

This was a pivotal moment that made me realize that people were willing to buy something that I created, which a year ago, I wouldn’t have thought was possible. I’ve had a great experience using ConvertKit, and it made everything super easy. Before I created the digital guide, my lead magnet conversation rate averaged around 30% and was costing 40 cents an email. 

If you’re looking to build your own brand, give it a shot. If you’re motivated, you can make it happen and get things done. Just dont give up before you give it a try. 

Recommendations From Scott 

Now that Matt has a digital guide that he can sell long-term on his website, he’s got to figure out where to put it and how to promote it moving forward. The first thing I recommend doing for anyone in the same situation is to add the digital guide to the backend of your lead magnet.

You can offer a small discount for people if they purchase right then. From there, I would turn your Facebook ads on again and drive traffic back to the lead magnet. In a sense, you’ll be getting leads for free if they purchase your guide. 

Also, as a reminder, small brands are selling very quickly. So even if you don’t plan to keep your brand forever, you can always sell it. Also, think about what this type of education is worth. You wouldn’t be able to learn these things in college, and as a bonus, you’re creating a tangible asset in the process. It’s all about building and growing as you go along. Once you start to grow, you’ll be able to expand. It’s fun to be able to now play in the game.

I could go on for days about what Matt could do next. That’s why I had to stop myself because there is so much. The key is to think about what the next logical step is for you and your business. It’s one thing at a time. Everything thing you do strategically is to build on the last thing.

In the academy, we teach you how to take it one step at a time. Everything builds on each other. No matter if you join us or not, I want you to take that same advice and use it in your own business. If you do want to join us, I’d encourage you to head over to brandcreatorsacademy.com.

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Take-Aways from Today’s Episode

  1. The Process of Building a Brand From Scratch (7:22)
  2. How Matt Built His Email List (14:33)
  3. How Matt Created His First Digital Product (17:42)
  4. Recommendations From Scott (34:20)


“The key is to think about what the next logical step is for you. It’s one thing at a time. Everything thing you do strategically is to build on the last thing”.


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