RYB 915: How Billy Niched Down And Built A Brand Helping Chiropractors with Digital Marketing

By Scott Voelker •  Updated: 12/02/20 •  8 min read

I am fired up today because today we have an amazing guest on the show, Billy Sticker. He takes digital marketing and uses that to help chiropractors grow their business, and I so am excited to have him on today and have you hear his story. Let’s get right to it! 

How Billy Discovered the Chiropractor Niche 

After my wife and I got married, I worked in sales for a few years while she went to school. I quickly realized that there is plenty of education out there without having to get a degree, so I focused on that. Next, I ended up working in the precious metal industry for 17 years however, one of the companies I work with was a bad environment, and I knew that I wanted more.

I knew a chiropractor who was looking to grow his business, so I applied to be his marketing manager. Everyone else that applied to the job had a marketing degree. However, to set me apart, I created a marketing plan that I gave him during our interview. I ended up getting the job and learned that there was so much more to the profession that I had thought.  

I fell in love with the profession and really enjoyed what I did. Then, I doubled the volume in both offices, but the money wasn’t quite as good as it was when I worked in precious metals. 

I actually started a podcast in 2008 and ended up only doing 6-8 episodes. I was doing consulting and internet marketing stuff on the side. Next, I noticed that when I focused my time and energy on my side business, my full-time job was suffering because my focus was split. So I ended up putting all my side projects on hold and focused on working on the coin business full time.

How Billy Created the Lifestyle That He Wants  

In 2014 I knew that I wanted to bring value to the chiropractic profession long term. There are very few other professions where people are so passionate about what they do, and I wanted to help make a difference. 

For a while, I taught a course teaching people how to write a book and helping them to market it. It still hadn’t replaced my 9 to 5 however, the revenue started to come in more quickly than I had thought. I ended up helped a client run Facebook ads, and it worked really well. I now run ad campaigns for 240 offices. We’ve been able to develop a lifestyle business that has really been a dream come true. 

I never wanted to go to an office every day or have my staff. My first hire was my son and a lady that we went to church with. She had adopted a special needs girl and wanted to be able to work from home. Every problem is an opportunity, and we had to figure out how to scale without having to work in an office.

We thought creatively, and it allowed us to put certain systems in place that allowed us to communicate easier. Now we’re in a position where we can scale the business a bit easier. 

It was a game-changer when I realized that I didn’t have to be the lone sales rep anymore and still made good money. Mostly now, I end up doing mostly content creation. I ended up getting COVID and was out of pocket for six weeks, and our revenue grew while I was gone. Having the right processes and people in place can go a long way. 

How to Create Awareness For Your Own Brand 

The key is to create your ideal audience. You have to know who your market is from the very start. What are their problems, and what is keeping them up at night? Anything that you can do to your message to connect with them is a win. You have to know your market well and have your message honed in order to have the best success. 

Social media ads allow you to fish where your fish are. We love the video views retargeting on Facebook. If a chiropractor can show what they really do and create brand awareness using vidoes, they can start to grow a targeted audience. The goal is to capture someone’s attention for at least a minute. And once a person watches one video, they will see the other videos that we’ve created, so it’s very effective.

If you can take your message and hone in on who your audience is and keep delivering great connect, you begin to be the “celebrity” and will become an industry expert.  

Know The Value of Your Clients

You have to know the value of a new client from the start. If you don’t, it’s very difficult to spend money on ads. When you know what your clients are worth, it makes it much easier to go after them with a direct call to action. It’s important to know the value of your money. 

We do have some clients that don’t want to do videos. For them, we’ll just promote the message they want to get across. That works really well for them too. So, it just depends on the strategy that you have in place. 

You should capture testimonial videos to help with the backend. Social proof is very powerful and can go a long way. 

I do consulting for agencies to help them scale, and we talk a lot about what problem they are helping to solve. The key is to solve expensive problems for rich people. You don’t always have to target rich people, but it does help to have a plan, and again, its essential to know who your target audience is.

Facebook allows you to target the right people, especially with retargeting. You also have to target those that spend the money. I remember years ago when my kids watched tv that a lot of the commercials were for adults because they are the ones who make the purchases. 

Identify Your Market and Solve Their Problem (54:48)

Step up the content creation a bit more than you normally would when you’re creating video. Don’t do a bunch of fancy stuff. Focus n the content. Selfy styled content is ok because people are used to seeing those on social media.

Once you start putting a list of content ideas out, start from there. Make sure to change it up and don’t always be in the same spot that you were in before. It’s important to make your videos look different so you can capture the person’s attention.

Like I said earlier, you have to know your market and how you can help solve their problem. Your content needs to help solve the problem. If you can do this, you’ll be so much farther ahead than your competition. 

I don’t usually include a strong call to action in the videos that we create. However, I do add links to them when I schedule them into Facebook manager. The goal is to grab their attention, and from there they can take action. You always have to give directions about what action you want people to take next.

However, you don’t want to include a sales pitch at the end of every video. When you can get some quick engagement on Facebook it helps grow your reach. 

Final Note From Scott

It was an honor to spend some time with Billy. He is an inspiration that you can accomplish your dreams even if you don’t always know what you want to do when you graduate. I love that everything he talks about you can apply to any business. You’re serving your market and will be successful as long as you know who your target audience is. I love Billy and had a great time.  

Thanks For Tuning in!

“Remember, I'm here for you, I believe in you, and I'm rooting for you! Now it's time for you to take action and go rock your brand”! 

Take Aways From Today’s Episode

  1. How Billy Discovered the Chiropractor Niche (6:01)
  2. Billy Created the Lifestyle That He Wants (13:33) 
  3. How to Create Awareness For Your Own Brand (31:28)
  4. Know The Value of Your Clients (40:34)
  5. Identify Your Market and Solve Their Problem (54:48)


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