RYB 911: The Solution To Finally Commit and Get Results in Your BRAND (30 Day Roadmap)

By Scott Voelker •  Updated: 11/23/20 •  8 min read

This is going to be one of those episodes that you’re going to want to take notes on as you go along or come back and read a second time. Over the past few years, I have watched people complicate the process of growing their brand time and time again. I cannot stress the importance of simplifying the process and being able to outline and create a short and simple 30-day roadmap. By doing this, you’ll be able to stay committed long term and see the results that you want.

Today’s episode is from one of our most recent coffee talks. If you’d like to join us live each week and be apart of our Q&A sessions, head over to takactioncrew.com. We’d love to have you be apart of our weekly crew. It’s always one of the highlights of my week. 

No matter if you’ve ever considered joining Brand Creators or not it doesn’t matter. You still need to understand the process and what it takes to simplify, commit, and create to a roadmap that you’ve created to help you simplify your life and business so you can see results faster. 

Create Your 30 Day Roadmap 

Most people that I talk to are craving a step-by-step action plan for their business. We all need a plan to follow, no matter if we’re just starting out or seasoned entrepreneurs. It’s essential to have clear directions that can help guide you and get you from point A to point B. I’ve noticed over the years that too often, people create way too many steps and create extra work for themselves. In turn, they get overwhelmed, and many end up giving up before they’ve seen success.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed, it’s important to take the time to sit down and create your 30-day plan. And you’ll do this every 30 days. Start with the end goal in mind. From there, you’ll need to write out each step that you’ll need to take to get to the point of completing your goal. Having clear steps written out will help accomplish something small every single day until you’ve reached your 30-day goal. 

From taking the time to listen to members of Brand Creators, I’ve found that many have voiced their concern about lacking a plan to accomplish their goals and grow their business. That’s why it’s so helpful to have a community to help support them. 

Remove Day-to-Day Distractions 

We live in a very busy, noisy, and distracting world. We are constantly getting notifications, texts, and emails that distract us from the work that we need to get done. However, when you’re committed to something, it’s much easier to put the blinders on, and you’ll notice that you’ll be able to get so much more done that way. 

In your daily schedule, give yourself allotted time to browse social media, check your emails, etc. Structure in your day will help you stay focused, especially when you know that you have designated time to take a break. 

I’m going to blunt, distractions are hurting your business, even if you don’t think they are. You would be surprised how much time you spend on distractions. On any given day, I recommend keeping track of every time that you are distracted from your work, and you’ll realize how quickly it adds up. It comes down to having the discipline to remove those distractions so you can focus on what matters most. 

Hold Yourself Accountable 

I have found from personal experience that people want to be around other people who are in a similar situation and can help them be held accountable for their actions. 

One of the reasons we see so much success within the Brand Creator’s Academy is because we hold everyone accountable, even myself. Every Monday morning, we have each person in the academy share the three things they are working on that week. On Friday, everyone reports back to share the process on those three tasks. It serves as a friendly reminder to encourage everyone to get their three tasks done even when things get busy, or they’re having a rough day. 

Avoid Consumption Overload 

Over time I’ve learned how to only learn what I need to learn right now. My good friend Pat Flynn taught me about “just in time learning.”Where you only focus on the task at hand and avoid any other distractions that may come your way. 

Focus all of your time and energy on where you are in the process and avoid consuming content that isn’t related to what you’re working on. Consuming content does come in handy when you’re applying it. However, if it has nothing to do with the task at hand, you need to avoid it or it’ll be difficult to accomplish what you’re currently working on. 

You should only do what you need to do to take the next step. Within our Brand Creator’s Academy, we make sure that all of our workshops and trainings are designed to help students learn something that could take weeks and instead teach them everything within a few hours. From there, they can take action within 24 hours after consuming the content. We want them to be able to take action and see results quicker, and it works. 

So, to recap, you need a step-by-step plan to follow, remove distractions while you’re working, have an accountability partner or group, and focus on taking action instead of consuming content. 

Use these tips to help you stay hyper-focused on where you’re going in the next 30 days—reverse engineer your plan to create small steps to help you get there. Anyone can remove distractions from their day. It’s the easiest thing that you have control over. 

Keep in mind that when you find someone to hold you accountable, you need to make sure to find people who align with your belief and will help you stay motivated. 

The reason why I love Brand Creators, and the community that we’ve to build is because we have so many awesome people apply. We attract people who are looking for freedom and flexibility in their life.

Coffee Talk Q&A

Q: Do you set time every week to consume content?

A: No, I don’t usually set time to consume content because I don’t need to.

I start the week off by asking myself what I need to get done. For example, this week, Brand Creators is open, so I need to write emails and bring attention to it. We have Facebook ads up and running, so I need to make sure they are running correctly. I also need to write emails and show up to my coffee talks. I’m not consuming any content this week. 

The next commitment that I make every single week is to record and post three podcasts a week. I haven’t missed showing up once in the last five years. To get this done, I map out episodes ahead of time and record the intros ahead of time. I don’t need to consume content for these particular tasks, but when I first started, I did have to learn the best way to do things.

Q: How do you make progress in your business when you don’t feel good or are feeling unmotivated?

A: I think if you inject positivity into your day and surround yourself with the right people, it’ll be easier. You’re going to have days that you’re in a funk, and it’s ok because you always have tomorrow. Don’t be too hard on yourself. However, that is where accountability comes in. On those hard days take one small action step.

Now that you have your plan, you just need to execute it. Once you’ve written out your plan, you need to commit to what your next move is. Simplifying things will allow you to take action more consistently, so you move towards your goals. 

Thanks For Tuning in!

“Remember, I'm here for you, I believe in you, and I'm rooting for you! Now it's time for you to take action and go rock your brand”! 

Take-Aways From Today’s Episode

  1. Create Your 30 Day Roadmap (3:03)
  2. Remove Day-to-Day Distractions (5:30)
  3. Hold Yourself Accountable (7:55) 
  4. Avoid Consumption Overload (10:08)
  5. Coffee Talk Q&A (15:45)


“only learn what I need to learn right now”.

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